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Departmental Office - COE 314E
(615) 898-2331
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Graduate Program Applicants

All students applying for admission to a Womack Educational Leadership Department's Graduate M.Ed. or Ed.S. program (EXCEPT - Professional Counseling ) are required to submit three (3) of these forms to the College of Graduate Studies. Students who are applying to the Professional Counseling program use this reference form.

Mail Reference forms to:
College of Graduate Studies
P.O. Box 42
Murfreesboro, TN. 37132
Glenda Vandygrift, Graduate Analyst
(615) 898-5494
If you have any questions concerning this form please do not hesitate to contact the departmental office (615-898-2855).

Secondary Education

Master of Education Degree Programs (M.Ed.)

  • Program Information
  • M.Ed. Administration and Supervision  * Specialization: Higher Education

M.Ed. Administration and Supervision

Education Specialist Degree Programs (Ed.S)

  • Ed.S Administration and Supervision
    • Specialization : Instructional Leader Licensure Program (K-12 Tennessee Administrator License) Off Campus Cohorts [ONLY]
      • Admission to the Educational Specialist Degree Program in Administration and Supervision: Instructional Leader
      • Licensure Program designed for K-12 Tennessee
      • Administrator Licensure is ONLY available at Off-Campus Peer Cohort Program Sites
      • Contact Dr. M. L. Peyton or Department Office 615-898-2855.
    • Specialization: K-12 Public Schools (Non-Licensure) Off Campus Cohorts [ONLY]

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Curriculum and Instruction - C&I [On Campus]
  • Curriculum and Instruction - C&I [Online Degree]
    • Specialization: Culture, Cognition, and Learning Process
    • Contact: Dr Barbara N. Young for Information.


  • For further information on this program, contact Dr. Frank Lambert, Assistant Professor or visit the program online.

"Plus" 30

M.Ed. and Ed.S Degrees - contact Ms. Diana Hill, Executive Secretary, Departmental Office, 615-898-2855 or Dr. M. L. Peyton for more information.