Educational Leadership

Library Science Program

Middle Tennessee State University has developed a Master of Education in Administration and Supervision with a concentration in Library Science to produce enlightened pre-K-12 library information specialists that will possess the competencies outlined by the State of Tennessee and defined in Information Power (1998). The themes of collaboration, leadership, and technology are reflected in every aspect of this redesigned program. These are the same themes delineated in the state standards for Library Information Specialist and in the Information Power document. Graduates will be evaluated by performance-based assessment ensuring that they will be ready to take their place in the teaching corps of the school.

This program consists of 21 credits of library science coursework, 6-12 credits of practicum or internship or student teaching placement, and 6 credits of education coursework. The education coursework is comprised of curriculum development and research skills—both of which are essential to the library information specialist role. Each course has been designed and formulated to integrate the teaching role, the leadership role, and the technology role in substantive portions. Knowledge and skills are not the only concern of each component of the program. Equally regarded are student dispositions. These must be consistent with the vibrant leaders needed in the profession.

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