Application Process for Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are available for 10 or 20 hours per week. Applications must be filed by March 1 for fall semester and by October 1 for spring semester.

Each year, the Womack Educational Leadership Department employs several graduate assistants. These graduate students assist faculty members with both teaching and research. Graduate assistants perform a wide variety of duties, depending on faculty needs and on the assistant's skills and background. Graduate assistants cover classes for absent professors; show videotapes to classes; monitor tests; grade homework and tests; enter, code, and analyze data; conduct library searches; etc. No one graduate assistant is expected to perform all of these duties.

Designated personnel in the Womack Educational Leadership Department select graduate assistants (GAs) from a pool of applicants each spring and fall. With the approval of the department chair, the selected students begin their assistantships the following fall semester. Several alternates are also selected in the spring to fill any openings that occur during the academic year due to illnesses, resignations, etc. Graduate assistants are evaluated each semester by the faculty members to whom they are assigned and by designated personnel in the Womack Educational Leadership Department. Members of underrepresented groups such as cultural minorities may be eligible for additional stipends of up to $2000.00 per year. If a GA's evaluation is favorable and the position continues to be available, the GA may serve in the department for up to 4 semesters.

To be a candidate for the graduate assistant position prospective students need to submit the following (next page) to the College of Graduate Studies (ATTN: Glenda Vandygrift, MTSU Box 42, 2269 Middle Tennessee Blvd., Murfreesboro, TN 37132) by March 1 for the Fall semester and October 1 for the Spring semester. Failure to submit materials on time may jeopardize a prospective applicant's chances for being hired. Additional information pertaining to graduate assistantships may be found on the College of Graduate Studies website.

Graduate Assistantship Application Materials to be Submitted to the College of Graduate Studies

  1. The MTSU Application for Graduate Assistantship - please be sure to include a current telephone number & email address on this form.
  2. An unofficial transcript from your undergraduate institution(s).
  3. If you have received grades in a graduate program, an unofficial transcript from your graduate institution(s).
  4. Copy of your GRE (Verbal + Quantitative) scores.
  5. A complete vita (see "Application & Admission Information"; section of Professional Counseling website for sample vita).
  6. Three recommendation forms from individuals noted on your vita. If you choose to use the same forms from your graduate program application, you must notify Glenda Vandygrift at the College of Graduate Studies in writing or email ( If you have any questions please contact her at 615-898-5494.
  7. A cover letter describing the skills you have which are relevant to the graduate assistantship. This letter should including the following:
    1. an explanation of financial need;
    2. whether you prefer 10 or 20 hour a week assistantship;
    3. list your proposed classes for the next term;
    4. state what hours you have available during a typical week (be sure to mention your availability for evening class assignments, and be as specific as possible);
    5. include whether you have outside employment and whether you will be doing an internship. If so, please explain how these will not interfere with your graduate assistantship and your availability; and
    6. include your email address if you have one.

Selected students will be notified by the Department. Questions about the status of your application should be directed to Dr. Ellen Slicker (