Educational Leadership

Secondary Education

Secondary Ready2Teach Education Minor --- link for more information 

Ready2Teach Courses


  • YOED 2500   Planning & Assessment (3 hrs.)
  • YOED 3000   Classroom Management (3 hrs.)
  • YOED 3300   Problem Based Instructional Strategies (3 hrs.)



Residency I

  • YOED 4030 for 7 – 12 certification (9 hrs.)
  • YOED 4020 for K – 12 certification (6 hrs.)YOED 4040 for MTeach (4 hrs)


Residency II

  • YOED 4400


Admission to teacher education is a prerequisite for YOED 2500, YOED 3000, YOED 3300, Residency I & Residency II

  • The admission application can be found here (, under the Ready2Teach heading.
  • All applications are now submitted by email. The email address can be found on the application.
  • A student must have completed 45 semester hours before he/she can apply for admission.
  • There are no admission deadlines for the secondary Ready2Teach program. A student is admitted when he/she has met all the requirements and all required documents are on file.
  • Instructions for the fingerprinting/background check can be found in the Frequently Asked Question document at the departmental webpage (see link above).


Sequence of Courses

There are three pre-residency courses (YOED 2500, YOED 3000, YOED 3300) in the secondary education minor. The ideal time to start this minor is during the second semester of the sophomore year. The YOED 2500 course must be taken first since it is a prerequisite for the other two.

Here is the recommended sequence for taking the pre-residency courses:

YOED 2500 – Second semester sophomore year

YOED 3000 – First semester junior year

YOED 3300 – Second semester junior year

For those who enter the program late, YOED 3000 and YOED 3300 can be taken during the same semester. If one takes this route, one should be alert to the fact that this would require two separate field placements in two different schools during that semester.

Ideally, YOED 3300 should be taken the semester before one starts Residency I.

Course Offerings

YOED 2500 - Offered in the fall, spring and summer

YOED 3000 – Offered each fall and spring

YOED 3300 – Offered each fall and spring

Field placements for YOED 3000 and YOED 3300 require that students assume full or partial control of a public school classroom, so those courses must be taken while public schools are in session.


Registering for Classes

As soon as one is admitted to the Ready2Teach program, one will receive instructions for obtaining a POD to enroll in YOED 2500.

Once a grade of B or better has been obtained for YOED 2500, each student must contact the instructor of YOED 3000 and/or YOED 3300 to request a POD to register when one wants to take either class. Each student will need to supply that instructor with all of the following information:

  • the name of the course you want to take (YOED 3000 or YOED 3300)
  • the CRN number of the class that you want in
  • the section number of the class that you want in
  • your M number
  • Before sending in the request for a specific class, one should check to make sure that full enrollment has not been reached.


Grade Expectations: One must make a grade of B or better in each pre-residency education course.

Secondary Education Minor Advisors: In addition to the major advisor, each teacher education student in the secondary education program has a secondary education minor advisor. You can find the name of your minor advisor below by looking for your major. You should contact this person any time that you have a question pertaining to the Ready2Teach program.


Business Education                                                           Dr. Sanders     898-2996     COE 351

English                                                                                 Dr. Butler         904-8142     COE 377

Family & Consumer Sciences                                          Dr. Dillard        898-5435     COE 382

Foreign Language                                                              Dr. Caukin       898-5982     COE 380

Health/Physical Education/Recreation                           Dr. True          898-2330     COE 373

History/Geography/Political Science                              Dr. Weeks       898-5636     COE 375

Mathematics                                                                        Dr. Milligan     898-7959    COE 352

Music Education                                                                  Dr. Goodin      898-2943     COE 355

Science                                                                                 Dr. Snead        898-5755     COE 372

Speech & Theater/Art                                                         Dr. Clark         898-2325     COE 357

Vocational Agriculture/Industrial Studies                        Dr. Bartos       494-7838     COE 378