New Media Communication

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to the world of the twenty-first century! Today, technologies change at the speed of light and the skills you'll use as a communicator must keep pace. If you are interested in the many ways you can create and communicate messages using new technologies, the digital media concentration is the program for you. From convergence media/journalism to website design and multiplatform interactive productions , you'll learn the many skills necessary to combine text, graphics, audio and video into a complete package. You'll also take a critical look at changing technologies and their impact on society.

We hope you will decide to be a twenty-first century communicator! Please contact us or the office of Electronic Media Communication (615-898-5628) to talk about your future in our new media program.

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Celebrating excellence in Tennessee high schools' media arts, the Electronic Media Communications Department presents the 2015 BLUE SPARK AWARDS. The Blue Spark Awards are a media making competition open to Tennessee high school students to showcase their creative and technical skills in producing short films, music videos, animation, photography, newscasts, and new media.

For complete information about the BLUE SPARK AWARDS, go to

Deadline for entries: March 30, 2015

Live TV Awards Show: April 25, 2015