Electronic Media Management

Students majoring in Electronic Media Management learn the art, craft and business of how to prepare for careers in the "behind the scenes" areas of radio, television and the Internet.

In advertising, students learn how to promote brands from an integrated marketing perspective that emphasizes strategy building, data gathering and analysis, and creative development; in short, how to create effective radio and television commercials.

In sales, students learn the theories of marketing and selling the intangible products of the electronic media industries

Programming offers students knowledge of the problems and procedures followed in planning and producing content (television programs and radio formats) for the electronic media industries.

Qualified students may elect to participate in the internship program, which provides an opportunity to work in the professional community in the Greater Nashville area or other regions.

Student run stations MT10-TV and WMTS-FM also afford students hands on experience in management roles.

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Celebrating excellence in Tennessee high schools' media arts, the Electronic Media Communications Department presents the 2015 BLUE SPARK AWARDS. The Blue Spark Awards are a media making competition open to Tennessee high school students to showcase their creative and technical skills in producing short films, music videos, animation, photography, newscasts, and new media.

For complete information about the BLUE SPARK AWARDS, go to http://emcmtsu.com/spark/

Deadline for entries: March 30, 2015

Live TV Awards Show: April 25, 2015