Digital Animation

Marc J. Barr, Professor
Office Comm 147 - Telephone (615) 898-5118

Kevin McNulty, Assistant Professor
Office Comm 232B - Telephone (615) 904-8154

Guanping "Ping" Zheng, Associate Professor
Office 106 Peck Hall - Telephone (615) 494-8696

The Digital Animation program offers students a broad foundation that helps prepare them for a wide range of careers including film, television, games, advertising, visualization, and more. Students using a variety of industry standard software will experience a broad survey of the process and techniques involved in design and production as well as foundations, applied media aesthetics and theory practices in art, visual communication and mass media production utilized in the professional world, giving them the opportunity to produce work for a diverse array of audiences.

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Celebrating excellence in Tennessee high schools' media arts, the Electronic Media Communications Department presents the 2013 BLUE SPARK AWARDS. The 2013 Blue Spark Awards (formerly SMARTI Awards) is a media making competition open to Tennessee high school students to showcase their creative and technical skills in producing newscasts, short films, music videos, animation, photography, and new media.

For complete information about the 2013 BLUE SPARK AWARDS, go to

Deadline for entries: 4.5.2013

Live TV Awards Show: 4.27.2013