Faculty - Electronic Media Communications

Marc Barr (M.F.A., Professor)
Emphasis: Digital Imaging / Animation
Office: Comm 147
Phone: (615) 898-5118
E-mail: Marc.Barr@mtsu.edu
Teaches digital animation, compositing, and applied media aesthetics courses.
Clare Bratten (Ph.D., Associate Professor)
Emphasis: Electronic Media Production
Office: Comm 215
Phone: (615) 898-2795
E-mail: cbratten@mtsu.edu
Teaches video production and media theory classes at undergraduate level and classes at the graduate level for the Master of Science program in the College .
Bob Gordon (B.F.A., M.B.A., Lecturer)
Emphasis: Electronic Media Production
Office: Comm 155
Phone: (615) 898-5862
E-mail: rgordon@mtsu.edu
An independent television producer who teaches various multi-camera program production courses .
Bob Gordon
Chris Harris (M.S., Professor)
Emphasis: Digital Media Communication
Office: Comm 201
Phone: (615) 898-2841
E-mail: crharris@mtsu.edu
Teaches digital imaging and media ethics courses.
Jackie Heigle (M.F.A., Assistant Professor)
Emphasis: Photography
Office: Photo bldg 103B
Phone: (615) 904-8458
E-mail: jheigle@mtsu.edu
Teaches Photography and digital imaging.
Jackie Heigle
Roger Heinrich (Ph.D., Associate Professor)
Office: Comm 263
Phone: (615) 904-8565
E-mail: heinrich@mtsu.edu
Teaches Broadcast Journalism and Management. Faculty advisor to MTTV Channel 10 and WMTS.
Roger Heinrich
Thomas Jimison (M.F.A., Professor)
Emphasis: Photo Illustration
Office: Photo Bldg. 116
Phone: (615) 898-2085
E-mail: tjimison@mtsu.edu
Teaches photography courses and manages the Harold Baldwin Photo Gallery.
Thomas Jimison
Robert Kalwinsky (Ph.D., Professor)
Emphasis: Digital Media Communication
Office: Comm 261
Phone: (615) 904-8366
E-mail: rkalwins@mtsu.edu
Teaches digital communication, film and health communication.
Kevin McNulty (M.F.A., Assistant Professor)
Emphasis: Digital Animation/Motion Graphics
Office: Comm 232B
Phone: (615) 904-8154
E-mail: Kevin.McNulty@mtsu.edu
Teaches digital animation and motion graphics courses.
Mary Nichols (Ph.D., Professor)
Emphasis: Electronic Media Production
Office: Comm 203
Phone: (615) 898-5677
E-mail: mnichols@mtsu.edu
Teaches electronic media production, media law, various advanced production courses and graduate media aesthetics for the College.
John Omachonu (Ph.D., Professor and Associate Provost))
Emphasis: Electronic Media Communication
Office: Comm 248
Phone: (615) 898-2695
E-mail: omachonu@mtsu.edu
Teaches Media and Society and media management.
John Omachonu
Dennis Oneal Ph.D., Professor
Emphasis: Electronic Media Management
Office: Comm 205
Phone: (615) 898-2105
E-mail: doneal@mtsu.edu
Teaches in electronic media management and media law courses for the college.
Dennis Oneal
Billy Pittard (Department Chair)
Office: Comm 250
Phone: (615) 898-5867
E-mail: b illy.pittard@mtsu.edu
Recently joined the university from the professional world where he has extensive credits in TV, film, interactive media, and educational media.
Website: http://foryourinspiration.net/
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/billypittard
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/BillyPittard
Robert Pondillo (Ph.D., Professor)
Emphasis: Electronic Media Journalism
Office: Comm 232B
Phone: (615) 904-8465
E-mail: pondillo@mtsu.edu
Teaches Broadcast Journalism and Media History.
Jan Quarles (Ph.D., Professor)
Emphasis: Electronic Media Journalism
Office: Comm 218
Phone: (615) 898-5482
E-mail: jquarles@mtsu.edu
Teaches in digital communication and electronic media journalism areas and also teaches international communication.
Jan Quarles
Jennifer Bailey Woodard (Ph.D., Assistant Professor)
Emphasis: Electronic Media Journalism
Office: Comm 262
Phone: (615) 898-2766
E-mail: jwoodard@mtsu.edu
Teaches converged journalism and race and gender courses. Advises National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) student chapter.
Jennifer Woodard
Guanping Zheng (Ph.D., Associate Professor)
Emphasis: Digital Imaging / Animation 
Office: 106 Peck Hall
Phone: (615) 494-8696
E-mail: Guanping.Zheng@mtsu.edu
Teaches digital imaging and animation.


Michael Forbes (Assistant Director of Technical Systems)
Office: Comm 170
Phone: (615) 898-5863
E-mail: michael.forbes@mtsu.edu
Marc Parrish (Director of Technical Systems )
Office: Comm 170
Phone: 615-898-5730
E-mail: mparrish@mtsu.edu
Marc maintains two production studios and a mobile production lab. He also oversees system integration, installation of new audio, video, and computer equipment for the Department of Electronic Media. He is also the system administrator for the Department's Macs and PCs and serves as an adjunct professor.
Irma Melton (Secretary, Department of EMC)
Office: Comm 250
Phone: (615) 898-5628
E-mail: imelton@mtsu.edu
Irma started work with MTSU on April 25, 1994. Irma directs incoming calls and assist students with scheduling and other clerical duties. She also manages student workers and maintains student media budgets.
Gail Sneed (Executive Aide, Department of EMC)
Office: Comm 250
Phone: (615) 898-5196
E-mail: gsneed@mtsu.edu
Gail Sneed has been with MTSU since 1979. Gail started work in the Admissions Office and transferred to the EMC Department in 1989. Gail passed her CPS (Certified Professional Secretary) exam in 1995 and is currently a member of the ASCE (Association of Secretarial and Clerical Employees).
Gail Sneed
Celebrating excellence in Tennessee high schools media arts, the 2015 BLUE SPARK AWARDS presentation was conducted on April 25, 2015. To see the winners, visit http://www.emcmtsu.com/spark/
This annual competition allows Tennessee high school students to showcase their creative and technical skills in producing short films, music videos, animation, photography, newscasts, and new media.
Instructions for entering the 2016 BLUE SPARK AWARDS will be announced later this year.

For complete information about the BLUE SPARK AWARDS, go to http://emcmtsu.com/spark/