Students planning an Internship are responsible for the following:

Semester prior to Internship

During pre-registration

  • Submit Internship application. Remember: Application will NOT be approved until complete
  • Request POD for Internship and register for class
Within 2 weeks after start of semester of Internship
  • Submit Internship confirmation signed by employer
  • Submit work schedule
  • Be sure to pick up syllabus with deadline dates for current semester

During Internship

  • Select one week to keep diary
  • Submit diary PRIOR TO last three weeks of Internship
End of Internship Semester
  • Submit final report (2 page summary of experience)
  • Report and diary due by last Friday of classes during semester
  • Make sure supervisor has received and returned student evaluation
Celebrating excellence in Tennessee high schools' media arts, the Electronic Media Communications Department presents the 2013 BLUE SPARK AWARDS. The 2013 Blue Spark Awards (formerly SMARTI Awards) is a media making competition open to Tennessee high school students to showcase their creative and technical skills in producing newscasts, short films, music videos, animation, photography, and new media.

For complete information about the 2013 BLUE SPARK AWARDS, go to

Deadline for entries: 4.5.2013

Live TV Awards Show: 4.27.2013