Mobile Production Lab

The mobile production lab is an exciting component of the EMC creative effort. For those of you involved with it, following are some helpful links:

  • Here is a link for the mobile truck cut sheet.
  • Here is a link for the truck layout
  • Here is a link for the mobile truck calendar. Once you click on the link, enter your Google calendar name and password.  At Google calendar, in the left-hand column click on 'other calendars' and 'add a friend.'  Add the following: '' to access the truck calendar.

Mobile Production Lab

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Celebrating excellence in Tennessee high schools media arts, the 2015 BLUE SPARK AWARDS presentation was conducted on April 25, 2015. To see the winners, visit

This annual competition allows Tennessee high school students to showcase their creative and technical skills in producing short films, music videos, animation, photography, newscasts, and new media.

Instructions for entering the 2016 BLUE SPARK AWARDS will be announced later this year.

For complete information about the BLUE SPARK AWARDS, go to