Dr. Allison Smith

Dr. Allison Smith

Member, Graduate Faculty


Ph.D. (1993), University of Illinois, Urbana; MA (1986), California State University, Long Beach; BA (1983), California State University, Long Beach; First Year at MTSU: 2002

Office: PH 310A; Phone/Voice Mail: 904-8266

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Dr. Allison Smith is the author/co-author/co-editor of such books as The Pop Culture Zone, Teaching in the Pop Culture Zone, CompBiblio: Leaders and Influences in Composition Theory and Practice, and Signs: A Grammar Handbook. She is series editor for the Fountainhead Press X Series for Professional Development in composition and pedagogy and the author of articles and encyclopedia entries on pop culture and writing pedagogy, grammar, distance learning, journaling, and the intersection of linguistics and composition.

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Selected presentations:

  • April 2002: THE (Teaching in Higher Education) in Baton Rouge, LA : "Preparing the Ingredients: First Steps in Developing a New Web Course" Session Leader:"Cyber Chicken Soup for the Distance Educator's Soul"
  • January 2002: LSA (Linguistic Society of America) in San Francisco, CA: "Language Videos on the Web: A New LSA Outreach Project"
  • October 2001: SCMLA (South Central Modern Language Association) in Tulsa, OK: Session Leader: Regular Session on Linguistics
  • May 2001: Computers and Writing Conference in Muncie, Indiana: "Taking the First Step: Distance Education System Building and Faculty Development" Session Leader: "Innovations in English: Designing an Effective Distance Education Model"
  • March 2001: SCWCA (South Central Writing Center Association) Conference in Lafayette, LA : "Reorganizing Developmental Composition When the Program is Under Fire" Session Leader: "Saving the Baby and the Bathwater: How to Use Tutorials to Save Developmental Composition Classes"
  • November 2000: SCMLA (South Central Modern Language Association) Conference in San : Antonio "History of English: A Pedagogy of Interdisciplinary Concepts"
  • April 2000: THE (Teaching in Higher Education) Conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: "Innovation and Collaboration: Faculty Development, the First Step"
  • Session Leader : "Innovation and Collaboration: Delivering Distance English Education"
  • March 2000: Lessons Learned Compressed Video Conference, Baton Rouge, Louisiana : "Distance Learning at Louisiana Tech"
  • October 1999: SCMLA (South Central Modern Language Association) Conference in Memphis: "English Dialects and the English Major"
  • Session Leader : "At the Intersection of English and Linguistics"
  • October 1999: LACC (Louisiana Association for College Composition) Conference in Eunice, LA: "Creating a Pro-Active Plan Against Student Plagiarism"
  • March 1999: SCWCA (South Central Writing Centers Association) Conference in Little Rock, AR: "Developing a Virtual Writing Center"
  • October 1998: LACC (Louisiana Association for College Composition) Conference in New Orleans: "Incorporating Grammar into the Composition Process"
  • November 1995: Panel Discussion, NCTE Conference in San Diego, California: "Teaching Grammar as Part of the Composition Process"
  • April 1995: English Department Colloquium, Western Washington University (and) March 1995: TESOL (Teachers of English as a Second or Other Language) Conference in Long Beach, California: "Revision: What's Grammar Got To Do With It?"
  • March 1994 with Anna Kasten: CCCC (College Composition and Communication Conference) in Nashville, Tennessee: "Latino Bilinguals: A Longitudinal Study of Their Rhetorical and Syntactic Development during Freshman Composition" Session Leader: "Teaching Diverse Populations"
  • April 1993 with Anna Kasten: AAAL Conference in Atlanta, Georgia: "Rhetorical and Syntactic Development in English Expository Writing"
  • April 1993: TESOL Conference in Atlanta, Georgia: "Teaching Successful Revision Strategies in the ESL Writing Classroom"
  • April 1993: CCCC in San Diego, California: "Computer Grammar Checkers: Do They Really Improve Student Writing?"
  • November 1992: NCTE Conference in Louisville, Kentucky: "Grammar and the ESL Student: Insights from Computer-Assisted Instruction Research"
  • October 1992: Midwest TESOL Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana: "Revision Strategies: Teaching ESL Writers to Use Them Effectively"
  • April 1992: Linguistics Department Seminar Series, UIUC, Urbana, Illinois: "An Analysis of the Effects of Grammar Checker Information on Revision Strategies"
  • March 1992: TESOL Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia: "Evaluating ESL Compositions: Does a Holistic Approach Really Work?" Session Leader: "Research in American Sign Language"
  • February 1992: AAAL Conference in Seattle, Washington: Session Leader, "Using ESL Techniques to Teach Writing to ASL Users"
  • February 1992 with Donald Cruickshank: AAAL Conference in Seattle, Washington: "L2 Acquisition of Rhetorical Strategies: Natural or Not?"
  • November 1991: Illinois TESOL/BE (Bilingual Education) Graduate Student Conference, Normal, Illinois: "Global/Local Composition Evaluation: Is a Holistic Approach Reliable?"
  • March 1991: TESOL Conference in New York City: "Revision Strategies for L2 Writers Using Computer Style Checkers"
  • November 1990: Illinois TESOL/BE Graduate Student Conference, Normal, Illinois: "Metacognitive Strategy Training: Is It Only for L1 Reading?"
  • April 1990: Pragmatics and Language Learning Conference in Urbana, Illinois: "An Analysis of Syntactic Complexity in Written Argumentative Discourse"