Photo of Bene Cox 

Dr. Bené Cox

Professor, Interim Director of the University Writing Center

Ph.D. (1980), Vanderbilt University; MA (1976), University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa; BA (1972), University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa; First Year at MTSU: 1976

Office: PH 384; Phone/Voice Mail: 898-2714

Dr. Cox teaches grammar and modern English usage and the Bible as literature. She is a Fellow of the Brooklyn Institute for Training Peer Tutors and is one of the co-founders of the Women's Center at MTSU. For several years she served as Dean of the Tennessee Collaborative Leadership Academy and worked a state and university administrator. She has received awards from The College Board, the State of Tennessee, American College Testing, and several schools and colleges. Her current research focuses on May Justus, a writer, and Highlander Folk School, an innovative program for social reform.

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