Dr. Angela Hague

Dr. Angela Hague

Member, Graduate Faculty

B.A., 1972, Florida State University; M.A., 1975, University of Florida; Ph.D., 1979, Florida State University; M.A., 1981, University of Sussex. (1981)

Office: Honors 221; Phone/Voice Mail: 904-8123

Dr. Hague teaches courses in classical mythology, British popular culture, the novel, modern British literature, literature and the paranormal, Virginia Woolf, film, and the Honors Program. She serves as the English Department's Honors College liaison. The author of a book on Iris Murdoch and co-editor (with David Lavery) of Deny All Knowledge: Reading The X-Files and Teleparody: Predicting/Preventing the TV Discourse of Tomorrow, she has just complete a book entitled Fiction, Intuition, and Creativity: Studies in Bronte, James, Woolf, and Lessing, which will be published by Catholic University Press.

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