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Photo of Dr. Houp

Dr. George Wes Houp

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2006); M.A. Eastern Kentucky University (1993); B.A. Asbury College (1992); First Year at MTSU: 2008

Office: PH 386, Phone/Voice Mail: 494-7673

Wesley Houp comes to MTSU from Union College and University of Kentucky, where he taught composition and literature courses as well as a graduate course in composition pedagogy. His research interests include writing pedagogy, qualitative methodologies, and literacy education policy. In 2009, he became director of the Margaret H. Ordoubadian University Writing Center, a position he held until 2013.

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Selected Presentations:

  • "Writing toward the revolution: Poetics of relation." PCA/ACA. New Orleans, LA, October 2011.
  • "When 'all our relations&' disgust us: The University Free-Speech Zone as contested space." CCCC. Atlanta, GA, April 2011.
  • "Rolling in, riding on (and turning?) the tide: Writing Center in motion." SWCA. Tuscaloosa, AL, February 2011.
  • "The full-class workshop: An alternative to individual conferences." TNADE. Dickson, TN, October 2010.
  • "Bringing Creative Back: Outreach and Writing in the Center." International Writing Centers Association Collaborative @ CCCC. Louisville, KY, March 2010 (with Rachel Strickland, Stacia Watkins, Caty Chapman, Meagan McManus, and Jamie Smith).
  • "Encouraging Creativity to Reappear: Outreach and Writing in the Center." East Central Writing Centers Association. East Lansing, MI, April 2010 (with Rachel Strickland, Stacia Watkins, Caty Chapman, Meagan McManus, and Jamie Smith).
  • "The Struggle of Memory Against Forgetting: Creating and Using Archives in Freshman Composition." (CCCC) 60 th Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication. Special Interest Group (SIG), San Francisco, CA, 2009.
  • "Making Waves Downstream: Taking Coal out of the Mountains." (CCCC) San Francisco, CA, 2009.
  • "Creating Ecological Archives in Southern Appalachia." (CCCC) New Orleans, LA, 2008.
  • "Dialogism and the Messy Text: Using Berthoff's 'Interpretive Paraphrase' in Writing Tutorials." (SWCA) Southeastern Writing Center Association Annual Conference. Savannah, GA, 2008.
  • "Public Labels, Personal Literacies: Lana's Transformation." (CCCC-RNF) San Francisco, CA, 2005.
  • "Transforming Possibilities: Applying Narrative Theory in Community-Based Literacy Research." Narrative: An International Conference, Louisville, KY, 2005.
  • "An Assignment Sequence in Orientation: Writing the Way from Home to university." (CCCC) San Antonio, TX, 2004.
  • "Rewriting Space: Decoding Campus and Community in Freshman Composition." (PCA/ACA) Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference. New Orleans, LA, 2003.
  • "Collecting (and Reflecting) the Data: Transforming Possibilities through Narrative Inquiry." (CCCC) New York, NY, 2003.
  • "Voices, Memories, Stories: Multiple Reflections on Learning to do Narrative Inquiry." (QUIG) Annual International Conference on Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies. Athens, GA, 2002.
  • "When 'The Street' Resists Our Telling: Reconfiguring Literacy in Community-Based Research." (CCCC) Chicago, IL, 2002.
  • "The Unfolding of Lived Lives: Graduate Students Doing Narrative Research." The Pennsylvania English Conference . Indiana, PA, 2001.
  • "Unavailable Stars: Narrative, Poetics, and Academic Discourse." Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Graduate Student Conference. Indiana, PA, 2000.
  • "Warning and Welcome: Reflections on Designing a Syllabus for a Course in Writing." Pennsylvania College English Association Annual Conference. Altoona, PA, 2000.