Professor Jan Porth

Janice Porth


MED (1996), Northern Kentucky University; BSED (1972), Bowling Green State University; First Year at MTSU: 2005

Office: PH 351 ; Phone/Voice Mail: 904-8153

Ms. Porth has taught English 1009, 1010, 1020, and 2030 courses at MTSU since 2003. Prior to teaching at MTSU, she taught language arts in middle and high schools in Michigan, Iowa, Louisiana, and Ohio and composition, education, and public speaking courses at Northern Kentucky University and the University of Cincinnati-Clermont College.

Her specialties include oral and written communication; business communication; multicultural and interdisciplinary education; poetry; and short fiction.

Janice was the recipient of the Department's Outstanding Lecturer Award for 2014-15 academic year.