Dr. Rhonda McDaniel

Dr. Rhonda McDaniel


Member, Doctoral Faculty and Graduate Advisor

Ph.D. (2003), Western Michigan University; MA (1998), University of Tennessee, Chattanooga; BMT (1986), Shenandoah University; AA (1983), Miami Dade College; First Year at MTSU: 2003

Office: PH 373; Phone/Voice Mail: 898-5285


Dr. McDaniel joined the faculty in the Fall of 2003. She teaches courses in Medieval literature and is the Graduate Student Advisor.


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Conference Activities

  • 2011 South Atlantic Modern Language Association, "Gemynd: The Faculty of Memory in the Works of Ælfric."
  • 2011 Organizer, Memory and Memorial in Old English Literature Session, South Atlantic Modern Language Association.
  • 2011 MTSU Department of English Faculty Colloquium, "Gender and Medieval Hagiography."
  • 2010 Respondent, Promotion and Competition of Pilgrimage Cults Session, Sewanee Medieval Colloquium.
  • 2009 Southeastern Medieval Association, "More of Ælfric's Other Women: Melantia."
  • 2008: 43rd International Congress on Medieval Studies, "The Wickedness of Men and Women in Ælfric's Lives of Saints."
  • 2007 42nd International Congress on Medieval Studies, "Ælfric's Other Women: Reading Beyond the 'Big Six.'"
  • 2007 MTSU Interdisciplinary Conference in Women's Studies, "The Third Gender: Rejecting the Feminine and the Masculine in Late Antique and Early Medieval Hagiography."
  • 2006 MTSU English Graduate Student Organization Revisioning Conference, "Interpreting the Translator: Ælfric, His Sources, and His Critics."
  • 2005 South Atlantic Modern Language Association, "Movie and Matter: Teaching the Arthurian Tradition in the Wake of Hollywood's King Arthur."
  • 2005 40th International Congress on Medieval Studies, "Pride Goes Before a Fall: Aldhelm's Practical Application of Gregorian and Cassianic Conceptions of Superbia and the Eight Principal Vices."
  • 2004 39th International Congress on Medieval Studies, "In Her Right Mind: Ælfric's Life of St. Agnes."
  • 2004 Organizer, Ælfric: All About Women Session, 39th International Congress on Medieval Studies.
  • 2004 Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, "Interpreting the Translator: Ælfric, His Sources, and His Critics."
  • 2003 Presider, Old English Poetry I session, 38 th International Congress on Medieval Studies.
  • 2002Southeastern Medieval Association, "A So-so Knowledge of Scripture: Andreas Capellanus and the Bible."

  • 2002Michigan Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance 2002 Convention, "Would You Hire Plato to Teach Physical Education at Your School?" with Allison McFarland.

  • 2002 Presider, Gender and Piety Session, 37 th International Congress on Medieval Studies.

  • 2000 Pearl -Poet Society Session, 35 th International Congress on Medieval Studies, " Pearl's 'Gentyl Jueler.'"

  • 1998 Tennessee Philological Association, "Hunter and Prey in 'All in Green Went My Love Riding.'"

  • 1997 Tennessee Philological Association, "Taylor's Knot: Tying His World Together in 'Upon Wedlock and Death of Children.'"


  • 2008: Faculty Development Grant (Office of the Provost, Middle Tennessee State University)
  • 2007: Department of Education Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages Course Release Grant for development of "Early Medieval Literatures of the Middle East" for the Minor in Middle East Studies at Middle Tennessee State University.

Honors and Awards

  • 2004 National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar: "The Seven Deadly Sins as a Cultural Construction in the
    Middle Ages," held at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England, directed by Dr. Richard Newhauser.
  • 2004 Faculty Research and Creative Activity Grant (The Graduate College, Middle Tennessee State University)
  • 2002 Graduate Student Research and Travel Fund Award (The Graduate College, Western Michigan University)
  • 2002 CARA-Leyerle Award (Medieval Academy of America and the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto)

  • 2002 Erasmus Institute Summer Seminar in Medieval Studies, held at St. John's University, Jamaica, NY, directed by Dr. Marcia Colish

  • 2002 Mathilde Steckelberg Scholarship in Latin (Western Michigan University)

  • 2001 Mellon Issues in Interpretation Seminar: "Tradition, Revision, and Continuity in Renaissance and Medieval Literary Studies," held at Pennsylvanian State University, directed by Drs. Robert Edwards and Patrick Cheney.

  • 1998 Outstanding Graduate Student in English: Literary Studies (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga)

  • 1983 Outstanding Contributions to Music (Miami-Dade Community College)