Frequently Asked Questions

( This portion of our site is still in progress. Please email Kelly McKee at kmckee@mtsu.edu if you have a question about WebCT.)

Instructor Name

Q: When I upload the template, it shows someone else as the instructor. What should I do?

A: From the Control Panel, select Course Settings , change to your name, and hit Update .

Template Zip Files Won't Open

Q: I've downloaded the template files to my computer, but I cannot open them.

A: The templates are files that are only usable from within WebCT. Upload the templates into your shell without opening them. See "Getting Started" in the manual.

Hit Counters

Q: I was able to use hit counters to track use in the previous version of WebCT, but I can't find that option in the new 4.0. Is it still available?

A: No.

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