WebCT in the English Department
Newsletter 1 September 2003

Customize Course News

You can set WebCT to let you and your students know when new email or discussion messages have been posted. This notification will appear on the MyWebCT page upon log in.

1. Control Panel
2. Course Settings , Customize Course News
3. Change items to Display with link
4. Update

The pushpin alerts you to new DB postings while the envelope alerts you to new mail.

Cool Tool: Add a Glossary!

Designers can use the alphabetized glossary tool to keep important terms accessible to students at all times.

1. Control Panel
2. Add Page or Tool
3. From Course Content Tools , Glossary
4. Add keywords as needed

Check out our Website!

The " WebCT in the English Department"; website is located at: http://www.mtsu.edu/~english2/DeptWebCt/DeptWebCT.htm

Here, you will find much helpful information about using WebCT. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask: Maria Clayton (mclayton@mtsu.edu) 898-2585.

Did you know?
You can hide the course menu!

Some lessons just look better when viewed full screen .

1. Control Panel
2. Course Settings (because if you want to do anything with the side navigation bar, you have to do it through Course Settings!)
3. Hide course menu, but keep a drop-down menu for navigation .

This allows the students to hide the course menu while viewing content--how great!

Class Cancellations

Inform students today that in the event you are forced to cancel class, they are to check WebCT for announcements and updates to the syllabus.

This will reduce confusion for the students and will keep the Fab Four from having to trek across campus to post signs at your classrooms.

Advanced Tip: Gradebook Roster

If you use the WebCT gradebook tool often, you'll soon find that the list of assignments gets so unwieldy that you can no longer see the roster of names on the left side. Two actions can solve this problem:

1. Control Panel
2. Manage Course , Manage Columns
3. Select the check box above the Last Name column
4. Move the item right as many spaces as you need


3. Add Column (alphanumeric)
4. Enter students' last names in the proper boxes (this roster column can then be hidden from the students and moved to the right as often as you need