Department Curriculum

The English Department offers the Bachelor of Arts degree, the Master of Arts degree,and the Doctor of Philosophy degree. About 100 graduate students are currently enrolled in the Master of Arts and the Ph.D. programs.

The department offers five English major programs with over 400 majors enrolled in them, along with the traditional English minor, plus interdisciplinary minors. Each Major is assigned an advisor who will work with him or her throughout his/her years at MTSU. Dr. Robert Holtzclaw advises the Film Studies minor, Dr. Michael Neth the Great Books minor, Dr. Ron Kates the Writing minor.

In addition to the above minors, the department offers courses each semester in numerous other interdisciplinary minors, such as American Culture, Classical Studies, Early Modern European Studies, Environmental Studies, Global Studies, Latin American Studies, Linguistic Studies, Medieval Studies, Native American Studies, Paralegal Studies, Southern Studies, Twentieth Century European Studies, and Women's Studies. We also offer courses each semester such as Advanced Composition and Professional Writing, that are required for Aerospace, Psychology and Organizational Communication majors, plus courses in Children's Literature and Southern Literature required for Elementary Education majors, and Folklore for Historic Preservation majors.