Faculty Snapshots

Poet Stanley Kunitz lecturing at Peck Hall.Dr. Charles Wolfe teaching folklore.Dr. Bill Connelly in the classroom.Dr. Frank Ginanni in the classroom.Dr. Virginia Peck, Dr. John McDaniel, and Dr. Bill Connelly at the Peck Hall dedication.The Peck Hall dedication ceremony with former dean Dr. H. Clay Tucker, Mrs. Fran Dean, Dr. Virginia Peck, Prof. Loisteen Kirkman, and Dr. William Windham [History Department].Professor John T. Shawcross (1924-2011) talking with Dr. Kevin Donovan [right]. Prof. Shawcross was Distinguished Professor of English at the University of Kentucky, an internationally recognized authority on Milton Studies, and staunch supporter of the Conference on John Milton.Dr. Charles Wolfe with Ledbelly's nieces.At the Milton Conference with Dr. Judith Slagle and Dr. Charles Durham.Dr. Robert Petersen presenting an award to Susan Lewis.Dr. Laura Jarmon presenting an award to Jeff Smotherman (now Dr. Jeffrey Smotherman).Dr. Tom Strawman presenting an award to Judith Russell.Dr. Robert Petersen with English Graduate Students.Dr. Gaylord Brewer, Dr. David Lavery, Dr. Claudia Barnett, and Lucinda Lea [Instructional Technology Division] in PH 327, first computer classroom in the English Department.Dr. Larry Mapp at the opening of PH 327, the first computer classroom in the English Department.Dr. John Paul Montgomery at Honors College Poetry Slam.Rachel Strickland, Dr. Ellen Donovan, and Dr. Martha Hixon working on the Modern Critical Approaches to Children's Literature Conference.Public Service Program at Riverbend with Dr. Phil Phillips and Dr. Rebecca King.Dr. Ayne Cantrell's retirement party, left to right Dr. Rebecca King, Prof. Carol Dudinetz, Dr. Ayne Cantrell, Dr. Bene Cox, Dr. Maria Clayton.Party for David Lavery stepping down as Department Chair, Cannonsburg. Charles Dean and Gaylord Brewer talking to Reza and Margaret Ordoubadian.Dr. David Lavery with daughter and Dr. John N. McDaniel at Lavery party, Cannonsburg party.Guy Anderson, Bob Holtzclaw, Michael Dunne, Warren Tormey, Jid Lee, and Charles Wolfe at Lavery party, Cannonsburg.Gaylord Brewer and Claudia BarnetteLarry Mapp and Michael DunneCharles Wolfe at Cannonsburg party.John McDaniel addressing the faculty at gathering at Cannonsburg.

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