The Conference on John Milton

The Conference on John Milton

Sponsored by the English Department
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 

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2011 Milton Conference Participants

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Directors of the Conference on John Milton

Charles W. Durham, Middle Tennessee State University
Kristin A. Pruitt, Christian Brothers University
Kevin J. Donovan, Middle Tennessee State University

2011 Milton Conference Click Image to Enlarge
The 2011 Conference on John Milton co-director Charles W. Durham, featured speaker John Leonard, co-director Kevin Donovan, featured speaker Maggie Kilgour, and co-director Kristin Pruitt.

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The 2007 Conference on John Milton featured speaker Laura Knoppers, co-director Charles W. Durham, co-director Kristin A. Pruitt, featured speaker Richard J. DuRocher, co-director Kevin J. Donovan, and conference advisor John T. Shawcross at the opening reception.

2009 Milton Conference: Kevin Donovan, Kristin A. Pruitt, Achsah Guibbory, Charles W. Durham
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The 2009 Milton Conference co-directors Kevin Donovan and Kristin A. Pruitt with featured speaker Achsah Guibbory of Barnard College and co-director Charles W. Durham.

2009 Milton Conference: Charles W. Durham, William Shullenberger, Kristin A. Pruitt, Kevin Donovan
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The 2009 Milton Conference co-director Charles W. Durham with featured speaker William Shullenberger of Sarah Lawrence College and co-directors Kristin A. Pruitt and Kevin Donovan.

2011 Conference Cups
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