The Conference on John Milton

John MiltonEvery other Fall, the English Department and MTSU host a conference devoted to the work of the great British poet John Milton (1608-74).

The conference, established by Professor Emeritus Charley Durham, was originally called the Southeastern Conference on John Milton but is now simply The Conference on John Milton. Miltonists all over the U.S. refer to it familiarly as "The Murfreesboro Conference." The conference is attended by approximately one hundred people and brings scholars to Murfreesboro from all over the world.

The first conference was held in October of 1991. This fall Milton scholars from all over North America and abroad will again be coming to Murfreesboro.

Featured speakers and presenters have included

  • 1991: John T. Shawcross, Peter Medine, Michael Lieb, Diane McColley, Joseph Wittreich
  • 1993: Joseph Wittreich, Diane Benet, Joan S. Bennett, Lee A. Jacobus, Stella A. Revard
  • 1995: Diane McColley, Robert Entzminger, Diana Trevino Benet, Regina Schwartz
  • 1997: Michael Lieb, Roy Flannagan, Mario Di Cesare, J. Martin Evans, Anna K. Nardo
  • 1999: Stella E. Revard, Cheryl E. Fresch, Sharon Achinstein, Dennis Danielson, John Rogers
  • 2001: Albert C. Labriola, W. Gardner Campbell, Blair Hoxby, Jeffrey S. Shoulson
  • 2003: Annabel Patterson, Stanley Fish, Stephen Dobranski, Laura L. Knoppers, Louis Schwartz, Joseph Wittreich
  • 2005: Barbara Lewalski, Paul Stevens
  • 2007: Richard J. DuRocher, Laura L. Knoppers
  • 2009: Achsah Guibbory, William Shullenberger
  • 2011: Maggie Kilgour, John Leonard

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Durham and Dr. Kristin Pruitt, Profesor Emerita of Christian Brothers University in Memphis, the Milton Conference has, to date, resulted in eight books, all edited collections of the best papers from each conference, and all published by Susquehanna University Press:

Spokesperson Milton: Voices in Contemporary Criticism (1994).

Arenas of Conflict: Milton and the Unfettered Mind (1997).
"All in All": Unity, Diversity, and the Miltonic Perspective (1999).
Living Texts: Interpreting Milton (2000).
Reassembling Truth: Twenty-first-Century Milton (2003).
Milton's Legacy (2005).
Uncircumscribed Mind: Reading Milton Deeply (2008).
John Milton: "Reasoning Words" (2008).
Both Arenas of Conflict and Milton's Legacy were awarded the prestigious Irene Samuel Award by The Milton Society of America.

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