Writing Minor

Since Fall Semester 1997, Middle Tennessee State University has offered an Interdisciplinary Minor in Writing administered by the English Department. This minor involves courses from three colleges: Business, Liberal Arts, and Mass Communication.

A minor in Writing should appeal to a number of MTSU constituencies including (1) those seeking a minor which will add to their potential employability (since many employers actively seek college graduates regardless of major who can demonstrate solid communication skills, the minor in writing should be helpful to those going on the job market); (2) those who wish to pursue graduate work in writing, especially in creative writing.

Dr. Ron Kates is the official advisor for this new minor. He can be reached at 898-2595.

Below you will find a list of courses included in the writing minor and a brief description of the requirements.

Interdisciplinary Minor in Writing

Students will choose 18 hours of courses from the following list. No more than 12 hours may be taken in any one department.

BCEN (BMOM) 3510 Business Communication
BCEN (BMOM) 4510 Business Report Writing
EMC 3020 Writing for the Electronic Media
EMC 3060 Writing for Digital Media
EMC 4020 Advanced Scriptwriting
ENGL 3620 Professional Writing
ENGL 3630 Essay Writing Workshop
ENGL 3645 Fiction Writing
ENGL 3655 Poetry Writing
ENGL 3665 Playwriting
ENGL 3570 Introduction to Linguistics
ENGL 4600 Writing Internship
ENGL 4605 Advanced Composition
ENGL 4510 Modern English Grammar and Usage
ENGL 4670 Special Topics in Writing
JOUR 3450 Editing
JOUR 3520 Specialized Journalism
JOUR 3530 Feature Writing
JOUR 3590 Magazine Writing and Editing
JOUR 4300 Reviewing and Criticism
PS 3530 Legal Writing and Research
THEA 4600 Storytelling
THEA 4820 Playwriting