Academic Programs

Minor Courses

BCEN 1400 Introduction to Business
BCEN 2900 Entrepreneurship
MGMT 3610  Prin. of Mgmt. and Org. Beh.
MKT 3820 Principles of Marketing
MGMT 4920 Small Business Management
Choice of
ACTG 3000 or
Survey of Actg. for Gen. Bus.
FIN 3000 Prin. of Financial Management

BCEN 1400 Introduction to Business
Three credits. Survey of business economic units of our society; the problems of business such as ownership, social responsibility, physical factors, personnel, marketing, and managerial controls. Includes exploration and analysis of business careers.

BCEN 2900 Entrepreneurship
Three credits. (BMOM 1400 recommended.) The mechanics and operational skills needed for organizing and operating an enterprise.

ACTG 3000 Survey of Accounting for General Business
Three credits. Accounting cycle given minor emphasis; financial statement analysis and managerial uses of accounting given major emphasis. May be used for General Business minors or M.B.A. candidates who have had no previous accounting courses. (Not open to Accounting majors and students with credit in ACTG 2110 and 2120.)

FIN 3000 Principles of Financial Management
Three credits. Prerequisite: ACTG 2110 or 3000. Will not substitute for FIN 3010. An overview of the fundamental concepts and tools for financial decision making within a business firm. (Not open to business majors.)

MGMT 3610 Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior
Three credits. Prerequisite: Junior standing. Concepts of the management functions of planning, organizing, and controlling with an emphasis on behavioral science concepts as applied to managing people in organizations.

MKT 3820 Principles of Marketing Three credits. Prerequisite: Junior standing. Survey of the functions, processes, and institutions involved in the distribution of consumer and industrial goods and services. Decision making in marketing management introduced.

MGMT 4920 Small Business Management Three credits. Prerequisite: MGMT 3610. Analysis of problems and considerations involved in planning, organizing, and operating small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Emphasis on environmental issues, growth strategies, process management activities, and human resource management.