Spring 2008 National Entrepreneurship Week

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February 23rd through March 1, 2008

Schedule of Events

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What's it all about?

House Resolution #699, enacted June 7, 2006, made it official: we should observe a National Entrepreneurship Week, to support the goals and ideals of entrepreneurship in America.

National Entrepreneurship Week, February 23 through March 1, 2008:

  • is a week-long effort to celebrate the heritage of entrepreneurship in America!
  • is being planned by hundreds of organizations who are planning activities for America's NEW GENERATION of entrepreneurs.
  • will celebrate the creativity, imagination and innovation of entrepreneurship in all its forms - business start-ups, social entrepreneurship and enterprising employees within existing organizations.
  • will help the education community and business leaders engage in a deeper, on-going discussion about the power of entrepreneurship to drive the local and national economy.
  • will celebrate entrepreneurship education through a variety of entrepreneurial activities and experiences that can help prepare today's youth to be the entrepreneurial leaders of the future.
  • will highlight the need to provide rigorous and relevant education for all students.
  • will involve students of all ages to be a part of the Celebration and have opportunities to learn the benefits of entrepreneurship.
  • is about NEW Ideas, NEW Opportunities, NEW Skills, NEW Challenges, NEW Leaders, NEW Wealth, and CELEBRATING Innovation and the Economic Contributions of Entrepreneurs!
  • will celebrate the creativity, contributions, and achievements of entrepreneurs in your community, your state and our nation.
  • will provide visible ways to highlight the contributions and thank entrepreneurs for their contributions to the economy.