2014-2015 Game Day Activities

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Activities take place on the Walnut Grove every home football game day.
Events start 4.5 hours prior to kick off.
Visit our calendar for updates on activities and schedules. 

  • Saturday, August 30th vs. Savannah State
  • Saturday, September 13th vs. WKU - Blackout (Bash the Rec, Freshman Walk)
  • Saturday, October 4th vs. Southern Miss 
  • Thursday, October 18th vs. UAB (Homecoming)
  • Saturday, November 1st vs. BYU
  • Saturday, November 22nd vs. Florida Atlantic

Other Sports

Raider Entertainment may coordinate events and giveaways throughout the year with other sports, including basketball, baseball/softball, soccer, and volleyball. Please check the calendar for any ad-hoc events. 


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