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Curriculum Guide


A Curriculum Guide was developed to reorganize the entire current existing Tennessee State Personal Finance Curriculum Standards in a format that more closely follows the US Treasury Department’s Financial Education Core Competencies of Earning/Spending/Saving/ Borrowing/Protecting.  The Curriculum Guide includes not only the online resources recommended in the Educator’s Toolkit, but  several additional online “best practices” lesson plans thus creating a comprehensive list of resources (or guide)  for each competency.

Curriculum Guide

After extensive literature review and research we developed the FECAS Curriculum Guide.  We realized there was very limited curriculum available that specifically addressed College Access and Success instruction and as a demonstration or model, we developed and added basic College Access & Success standards to the "Earnings" section that is generally included in all existing Personal Finance standards.  These additional "College Access & Success standards then became the basis for our three College Access & Success modules.


The instructional materials on this website were developed as open education resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use or repurposing by others.