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During the first year of the FECAS project, evaluation efforts focused on development of instruments, processes, and coordinating and communicating with other team members and partners to construct valid and reliable instruments.  Site visits were conducted in the initial stages of the project to provide training and facilitate development of a logic model, knowledge assessment blueprints, and item development methods for the knowledge assessments to be administered in support of the grant.  In addition, multiple surveys and other feedback instruments were developed and administered to participants, pilot teachers, advisory board members and other key personnel.  Initial data collection has begun, consisting primarily of feedback from participants regarding their perceptions of the summer institute as well as gathering pre- and post-knowledge assessment data from the first cohort of teacher participants.  In general, participants indicated high levels of satisfaction with the institute and their interaction with the project team staff and leadership.  Areas of strengths as well as those that could be improved were noted based on feedback from participants and FECAS partners and team members. 

Pilot Pre-assessment Report

Pilot and FECAS Summary Interim Report