MTSU Financial Aid and Scholarships

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Trying to pay for a college education is not a simple task. Financial aid and scholarship opportunities have become critical factors in selecting the college or university of your choice. We want to help make college an affordable part of your future, and want to provide you with quick access to the information you’ll need to locate all sources of aid for which you may qualify.

The MT One Stop has gathered our loan, grant and scholarship information into this website to help guide you through the process. Our step-by-step guide to applying for aid as an undergraduate or graduate student and our scholarship checklists for Incoming Freshman (freshman scholarship checklist ) and New Transfer students (transfer scholarship checklist) outline priority action items that you will need to take care of before and after you arrive on campus. Links are also provided to help you find additional information about undergraduate scholarships, and about federal student and parent loans.

The College Goal Sunday Program, held in January and February each year, creates opportunities for students and their families to receive assistance in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is the first step to receiving grants, loans and the TELS (Lottery) Scholarship. Participation in the College Goal Sunday program is free, and you can attend the program either on the campus at MTSU or at other locations around the state. Check the Tennessee's College Goal Sunday website for information about sites and dates. Not in Tennessee? Visit the national College Goal Sunday website for information.

Still have questions? Your Enrollment Counselor will help answer specific questions that relate to your unique circumstances. Contact your Enrollment Counselor through the MT One Stop at 615-898-2111 or email

What you should know before you begin

We all have a vested interest in higher education. A more educated population and workforce results in a myriad of benefits for our community, our state, and our nation. Citizens who are well-educated help lead business and industry, serve the state and nation through the political process, conduct research that leads to medical and technological breakthroughs, and become the teachers that educate our next generation. That’s why we all work together—each student, along with the help of family, the university, the State of Tennessee, and our federal government—in making this investment in the future.

However, the financial aid support that each student receives comes with a clear set of expectations. If you are receiving university, state or federal aid, there will be requirements for the grades you make, the course load that your carry, and, in some cases, for making a contribution to your campus through service. Most of all, it is important that you understand that the aid you receive is given for the purpose of you completing each course and making efficient progress toward a degree. Federal and state regulations, as well as campus policies, will require that we monitor the satisfactory academic progress of every student who receives financial aid. Failing to achieve acceptable grades, failing to make timely progress toward your degree, or establishing a pattern of enrolling in but not finishing classes may result in you becoming ineligible to receive any further aid. Worse, you may be required to repay aid received if you fail to complete courses for which you have enrolled.

Nearly all of our students are able to meet these requirements, and the financial support they receive makes it possible for them to become college graduates and contributing leaders in our state and nation. We want you to be successful! For that reason, you are going to hear several consistent pieces of advice from us throughout your enrollment at MTSU:

  1. Attend class every time it meets. There is no way to compensate for not fully participating in lectures and class activities.
  2. Finish the classes that you begin. If you feel you must drop a class, or withdraw, contact your Enrollment Counselor before you take that action. Changing your student status from full time to part-time, and/or withdrawing from all or some of your classes can have serious financial consequences.
  3. Work closely with your academic advisor to plan your semester schedule and to understand the academic map that will take you to graduation in a timely manner.
  4. Take advantage of the help that is available to you. Visit your professor after class or during office hours if something in class confuses you. Study in the library. Work with the tutoring centers and the Writing Lab. Ask for help when you need it, and you’ll find that we’re there to support you.

Financial Aid Planning and Timeline

You’ll want to be prepared for these important milestones as you move through the financial aid process at MTSU. Plan for upcoming deadlines and keep notes of your progress so that you have a record of when you complete each step.

Date Event
Mid-Junior year in high school High school juniors should begin the scholarship search process. Collect information from university scholarship offices, the Internet and your high school guidance counselor. Be sure to note deadlines and criteria!
Fall semester, Senior year in high school High school seniors should submit admission application along with ACT scores, 6th semester high school transcripts, GPA and class rank. Meet the December 1 scholarship deadline to insure full consideration for any freshman academic scholarships you may be eligible for!
January 1 FAFSA becomes available for the upcoming academic year on January 1. All students—new freshmen, transfers, continuing students and graduate students—should complete the FAFSA application as soon as possible after this date. Estimate the required tax information using prior year federal tax return data. You should later update the FAFSA once federal tax returns are completed.
February 15 Scholarship Application deadline for Transfer students.
February 15 Pay attention to scholarship application deadlines! February 15 is the deadline for most competitive scholarships and current student academic scholarships. It’s also the deadline for secondary consideration for incoming freshmen academic scholarships. Deadlines vary by department and may range from December 1 to April 15.
April and May Scholarship and Financial Aid awards begin being posted to your RaiderNet account as you complete your financial aid file. First-time freshmen will begin seeing awards posted in April. Continuing and transfer students will begin seeing awards posted in May. Awards will continue to be updated as FAFSA data is received and as you finish turning in additional required information and documents. You should check your RaiderNet account often, to review and accept any offered aid.
Summer Continue to complete any newly required documentation including your Federal Authorization form and Lottery Statement of Understanding. If you have been selected for FAFSA Verification, submit all required verification documents promptly. Set up your direct deposit banking information via RaiderNet so that financial aid refunds can be made when they become available. Also complete the MTSU Partners in Education Form if you wish for MTSU offices to be authorized to share your information with parents / spouses / or significant others.
July 15 Any private scholarship award letters and checks should be sent to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office in time to be calculated as a part of your MTSU bill.
Late July Fall billing statements are emailed to MTSU email addresses. Don’t forget to confirm that you plan to attend on RaiderNet.
October 1 Scholarship deadline for freshmen and transfers first enrolling in the upcoming spring semester.
Late November Spring billing statements are emailed to MTSU email addresses. Don’t forget to confirm that you plan to attend on RaiderNet.
December 1 Priority deadline for freshman academic scholarships; application deadline for Buchanan Fellowship
Mid December The Consolidated Scholarship application becomes available online. All incoming freshmen, incoming transfers, and current students should submit this application to be considered for competitive scholarships awarded through the Financial aid & Scholarship Office.
January Begin timeline again for next year's aid.
Mid spring If you plan to be enrolled during the Summer Term, make application for financial aid.
Late April Summer billing statements are emailed to MTSU email addresses. Don’t forget to confirm that you plan to attend on RaiderNet.