Joint MTSU/TSU Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) Program

The joint Master of Criminal Justice Degree (MCJ) between Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and Tennessee State University (TSU) is a 36-hour program. Participants are required to complete 18 graduate credit hours at MTSU and 18 graduate credit hours at TSU. Because you will be paying tuition and fees at two different schools over the course of your program, please be aware of the information below.


A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed each year. The school codes for both MTSU (003510) and TSU (003522) must be entered on the FAFSA. Students must determine where (MTSU or TSU) to apply for a student loan for the term.


Because students are required to complete 18 credit hours at MTSU and 18 credit hours at TSU, your school of enrollment may change each semester. If you wish to request a loan to help cover your educational costs, you should apply for a one semester only loan at the beginning of each term. The one semester only loan cannot exceed $10,250 (½ of the annual loan limit).

Consortium agreements

Students enrolled in 3 graduate credit hours at MTSU and 3 graduate credit hours at TSU during the same semester must complete a Consortium Agreement and loan application at their Home School to receive federal student loans from their Home School. Your Home School is defined as the school where you will enroll in thesis and research courses and the school from which you will receive your degree. If a Consortium Agreement is required, the Agreement is initiated and processed by the Home School.

MTSU Home School students who complete a consortium agreement must also complete a MCJ Federal Direct Student Loan Request Sheet at MTSU. Financial aid, including Federal Direct Student Loans, is subject to the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

If MTSU is the Home School, contact your Enrollment Counselor for assistance. If TSU is the Home School, contact the TSU Financial Aid Office at 615-963-5701.

Additional information

Students should receive federal student loans from the school where they are enrolled for at least 5 graduate credit hours (whether it is their Home School or not). A Consortium Agreement will not be required.

Students can be enrolled in 5 graduate credit hours at MTSU and 5 graduate credit hours at TSU for the same semester; however, they cannot receive federal student loans at both schools. Aid can be paid from only one school-the Home School.

MTSU loan funds will not be sent to TSU. Refunds will be directly deposited to students' bank account, provided students have signed up for direct deposit. For refund dates, refer to tuition website.

It is the students' responsibility to pay the balance owed to TSU.

The MTSU Business Office may offer a temporary deferment to students who have designated TSU as their Home School, but are enrolled for the term at MTSU. These students must have a current completed Consortium Agreement on file in the MTSU Financial Aid Office. After TSU disburses aid, students are responsible for paying MTSU the balance owed. The MTSU Business Office reserves the right to approve or deny requests for temporary deferments.