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Congratulations are in order if your prior academic work is now paying off in scholarship eligibility! Of course, many MTSU students qualify for and receive scholarship support through our largest scholarship program, the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (TELS). However, in addition to helping to administer the TELS program, MTSU supports a number of additional scholarship opportunities for incoming freshmen and transfer students who will be joining the MTSU community, as well as scholarships for current MTSU students.

Available awards include several types of MTSU Academic Merit Scholarships, which are generally awarded based on such standard criteria as GPA, ACT score, or, for transfer students, GPA combined with the number of credit hours already earned. These MTSU Academic Awards do not require a separate scholarship application; students with admission materials reflecting the necessary criteria receive automatic consideration for these awards. Students first entering in the summer or fall semesters receive priority consideration for MTSU Academic Awards. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee these scholarships for students who first enroll for the spring semester; the number and amount of spring scholarships awarded will depend on the amount of scholarship funding remaining for the current academic year after all fall enrollees are awarded.

Additional Foundation and departmental scholarship opportunities are administered on a competitive basis through separate application processes that are unique to those individual awards. These include scholarships for the very highest level of academic achievers being admitted to the university, as well as awards meant to help the university meet its goal of creating a vibrant and diverse student body. These competitive scholarships are available only to students who enroll in the summer or fall semester; unfortunately, they are not available to students enrolling for the first time in the spring semester.

Finally, private scholarships, funded through gifts of private benefactors, may also be available for students, and will involve application processes unique to the particular award opportunity. 

Our MTSU Scholarship Guide summarizes information about the scholarships for which you may qualify. You’ll want to print this guide to share with your family and for future reference.