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French - Study Abroad Articulation Sequence

MTSU-French Study Abroad Articulation Sequence

Effective Spring Semester, 2008

Please note: no retroactive substitution credit will be awarded

Students studying abroad in French Section approved programs and/or Exchanges may earn substitution credit for their work in France. The requirements that must be met are below:

1. Students will meet with Dr. Goldberg (Normandy) or Dr. Lyons (Besançon) to work out a proposed substitution contract BEFORE leaving for France.

2. Students will register for the courses at MTSU as per the contract in #1.

3. Students will provide documentation that the contract is being met during the study abroad period and after their return. It is the student's responsibility to furnish the required materials on time.

4. The contract may be modified according to availability of courses with approval from Dr. Goldberg or Dr. Lyons, NO LATER than 2 weeks after the beginning of classes in the on-site program.

5. The Literature/Culture Module is defined as FREN 3050, 3060, 3070, and 3110 (pending administrative approval).

6. 4000 courses : Students who have the prerequisites may take the FREN 4000 course offered during each semester of their Study Abroad program with permission of BOTH the instructor and either Dr. Goldberg or Dr. Lyons. Students are cautioned to arrange this option with enough time to secure the materials necessary. Students will work independently and electronically to complete all requirements for the 4000 course. They should communicate regularly with their instructor as well as with Dr. Lyons or Dr. Goldberg about their progress in the 4000 course. The student must complete the work for each 4000 course in addition to their other studies and work in France.

7. Besançon students must stay the entire year. Students wishing to study in France one semester will go to one of the Normandy Programs.

8. Grades for substituted courses will be determined according to the equivalency chart contained in the contract (see attached).

9. No substitution credit will be granted unless all pre-arranged and contracted obligations are met.

10. In the event that a student does not present a transcript from the French institution showing the grades earned, a grade of F will be recorded for all of the 2910/3910 study abroad credits.

11. In the event that the student fails to present a certificate of attendance (Assiduité), a grade of F will be recorded for all of the 2910/3910 study abroad credits.

12. In the event that a student does not present a report from the Internship Director and/or Employer showing satisfactory job performance, a grade of F will be recorded for all of the 2910/3910 study abroad credits.

13. Should circumstances arise during the student's study abroad experience that are not covered in this contract, every effort will be made to resolve the situation to mutual satisfaction. However, the members of the French Section reserve the right to make the final determination regarding any question or situation related to the granting of credits and/or of substitution credit to the student.

MTSU-French Study Abroad Grade Equivalents

French Exam Grade Scale

French Grade Description


Standard U.S. Grade Equivalents









Très Bien (Very Good)


100= A+

99= A+

98= A+

97= A+

96= A+






Bien (Good)


95= A

94= A

93= A

93= A

92= A-






Assez Bien (Quite Good)


90= A-

88= B+

86= B

84= B

82= B-






Passable (Satisfactory)


80= B-

79= C+

78= C+

77= C

75= C








74= C

73= C

72= C-

71= C-

70= C-

below 70=P

no grades=F

* May be considered passing grade if entire year is passed.

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