German - Study Abroad

1) Year or Semester At Johannes Gutenberg Universität (Germersheim)

History of the Program

Since 1988 the German Section has conducted an exchange program with the Germersheim branch of Johannes-Gutenberg Universität, which specializes in the study of foreign languages and the training of language teachers, interpreters and translators. Currently, we are authorized to send four students to Germersheim for the entire academic year, or the equivalent. (Two students who paricipate for only one semester count as only one of the four avaliable positions.)


Any full-time MTSU student who can demonstrate proficiency in the German language equivalent to the successful completion of German 2020, and who has an overall GPA of 3.0, is eligible to apply. Participants are selected by the German faculty from eligible applicants on the basis of their command of German and their overall academic achievement. In general, students pursuing a major in German are given preference over those minoring in the language; students minoring in German are given perference over all other applicants. Others should notice, however, that applicants who are majoring or minoring in German seldom claim all available positions.

Course Credit, Fees, and Expenses

A participating student enrolls in German 390 (12 hours credit per semester) and pays MTSU fees as a full-time student. Since the students remains officially enrolled at MTSU, eligibility for financial aid is not affected and the loss of credit often associated with transfer credit are avoided. Johannes-Gutenberg Universität does not collect fees from MTSU exchange students but does charge rent (currently ca. $180 per month) for housing in one of the new dormitories. The student is reponsible for travel to and from Germersheim and living expenses incurred while in Germany. While enrolled, the student attends regular classes in Germersheim.

How to Apply

The applicants should complete an application form and submit to Dr. Michael Rice, along with an essay of no fewer than 300 words in German explaining why he or she wishes to study in Germany.

On Being Accepted in the Program

Although the MTSU German faculty selects MTSU participants, you will need to collect the following to for transmission to Germersheim:

  • a photocopy of your high school diploma;
  • an MTSU student transcript
  • four passport photos (photocopies are acceptable)
  • curriculum vitae in German (just a listing of where studied what, and the dates)

The above items should be taken to Dr. Michael Rice who will help you fill out Germersheim's "Antrag auf Zulassung zum Studium".

Interested students should contact:

Dr. Michael Rice
Office: BDA 324
MTSU Box 79
Telephone: 904-8591

2) The KIIS program

Please visit the official website at