Lower Division Core Requirements

The new lower division general education core will replace the current TBR 32 hour minimum degree requirement. Each category is defined by a goal and learning outcomes. In order to satisfy a general education category requirement the institution must be able to document that the required minimum number of learning outcomes for a specific category are met by the selected course(s).

  • Associate Degrees (A.A.* and A.S.) and Baccalaureate Degrees

Commmunication 9 hours**
Humanities and/or Fine Arts 9 hours (one course must be in literature)
Social/Behavioral Sciences 6 hours
History 6 hours
Natural Sciences 6 hours
Mathematics 3 hours
  41 hours
*Foreign language courses will be an additional requirement for A.A. and B.A. degrees as presently prescribed in TBR policy 2:01:00:00, Undergraduate Degree Requirements.
** Six (6) hours of English Composition and three (3) hours in English oral presentational communication.                                     
  • Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degrees

English Composition 3 hours
Humanities and/or Fine Arts 3 hours
Social/Behavioral Sciences 3 hours
Natural Sciences/Mathematics 3 hours
One additional course from the following categories:
  • Communication
  • Humanities and/or Fine Arts
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences
  • Natural Science/Mathematics
3-4 hours
  15 to17 hours

*Specific courses satisfying these requirements must be the same courses that satisfy the general education requirement for the Associate (A.A./A.S.) and Baccalaureate degrees.