General Education Competencies Assessment

Universities in the Tennessee Board of Regents System have identified four college-level general education competencies: mathematics (quantitative literacy), oral communication, writing, and critical thinking. The extent to which students at MTSU have attained these four competencies is assessed annually using course-embedded assessments (for the mathematics, oral communication, and writing competencies) and nationally benchmarked testing (for the critical thinking competency). Supporting evidence of the extent to which MTSU students have achieved these competencies is derived from indirect measures, including the National Survey of Student Engagement, Graduating Senior Survey, and Alumni Survey. Below are links to summary assessment reports for each competency area and annual assessment reports.

General Education Competencies: Summary Reports

Mathematics Competency Assessment: Summary Report 

Oral Communication Competency Assessment: Summary Report 

Writing Competency Assessment: Summary Report 

Critical Thinking Competency Assessment: Summary Report 

General Education Competencies: Annual Assessment Reports

General Education Pilot Assessment Report (AY 2008-2009) 
General Education Assessment Report (AY 2009-2010) 
General Education Assessment Report (AY 2010-2011)

General Education Assessment Report (AY 2011-2012)

General Education Assessment Report (AY 2012-2013)

General Education Assessment Report (AY 2013-2014)

General Education Assessment Report (AY 2014-2015)