General Education

Gen Ed Policies and Procedures subcommittee

Gen Ed Policies and Procedures subcommittee


Nancy McCormick            Basic & Appl. Sci./Mathematical Sciences     2012-2015           

Donald Kendrick              Behav. & Hlth. Sci/Psychology                    2011-2014           

Douglas Timmons            Business/Economics & Finance                   2011-2014           

Charlene True                 Education/Educational Leadership               2011-2014           

Craig Carter                    Liberal Arts/Sociology & Anthrop.               2011-2014           

Ed Kimbrell                     Mass Comm./Journalism                            2012-2015           

Cheryl Hitchcock             Education/Elem. & Special Educ.                 2013-2015             

John Zamora                  Basic & Appl. Sciences/Biology                    2013-2016           

Andrew Owusu               Behav. & Hlth. Sci/Hlth. & Human Perf.        2013-2016

Kari Neely                      Liberal Arts/Foreign Lang. & Lit.                  2013-2016

Blake Taylor                   Student                                                    2013-2014           

Sheila Otto                     Director, General Education                        Ex-Officio

John Omachonu              Vice Provost, Academic Affairs                    Ex-Officio

Mark Byrnes                   Dean, College of Liberal Arts                       Ex-Officio


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