Interdisciplinary PhD in Mathematics and Science Education

Dr. Angela T. Barlow
Mathematical Sciences

Phone: (615) 898-5353
Fax: (615) 898-2615
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KUC 313B

Ph.D., Auburn University, Mathematics Education, 2000
M.A.M., Auburn University, Applied Mathematics, 1998
M.Ed., Auburn University, Mathematics Education, 1992
B.S., Auburn University, Mathematics Education, 1991

Dr. Barlow

Supporting teachers in the instructional change process.


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  • Bleiler, S. K., Barlow, A. T. & Stephens, D. C. (accepted). Moving beyond context: Challenges in modeling instruction. Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education.
  • Barlow, A. T., Lischka, A., Willingham, J. C., & Hartland, K. (in press). Backing up for fractional understanding. Teaching Children Mathematics.
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  • Barlow, A. T., & Holbert, S. M. (2014). Teachers’ perceptions of observing reform-oriented demonstration lessons. NCSM Journal of Mathematics Education Leadership, 15(1), 35–49.


  • Awarded the University of Mississippi, School of Education’s Outstanding Scholar Award, 2011
  • Awarded the University of Mississippi, School of Education’s Outstanding Grant Writing Award, 2007
  • Awarded the University of West Georgia, College of Arts & Sciences’ Excellence in Teaching Award, 2006
  • Editor, NCSM Journal of Mathematics Education Leadership, 2013 – present
  • Program Co-Chair, 2015 NCTM Regional Conference - Nashville