College of Graduate Studies at Middle Tennessee State University

Master of Science in Biology

Program Director: Dr. Gore Ervin
Jones Hall 110
Graduate Analyst: Anita Hermes

In 1966, the Biology Department inaugurated a Master of Science degree emphasizing research and preparation for further graduate study as well as employment with public agencies and private business. Consistent with the original intent, recent Master of Science graduates have followed a variety of career paths, including: pursuit of advanced research degrees (PhD), professional degrees (MD, DDS, MT), employment with a variety of private, university, state or federal laboratories and agencies, and teaching in high schools and junior colleges.

The Master of Science in Biology requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate credit and six hours of research tools. In addition to formal course work, the degree also includes written an oral comprehensive examinations, a research thesis, and public defense of the thesis. Program completion typically requires two years. A major strength of the program is the overall curriculum can be custom-tailored to meet the needs and objective of each individual student. Students may pursue a general biology curriculum or may choose to focus their studies in one or more of the following "specialization" area: Botany, Cell and Molecular Biology, Ecology, Genetics, Microbiology, Physiology, or Zoology.

The Biology Department also offers the Biotechnology concentration of the Master of Sciences in Professional Science. The Master of Science in Professional Science is an interdisciplinary degree that combines the business management skills commonly found in the traditional MBA type program with advance learning in specific science fields.

A graduate minor in Biology is offered.

Admission Requirements:

To be admitted to the Master of Science in Biology program,
a student must submit the following to the College of Graduate Studies:

Online application and appropriate application fee

Official transcript of all colleges, universities (including business and technical schools). If the transcripts are issued from an international (non-US) institution, a course-by course analysis is required. Original non-US transcripts should be submitted directly to the evaluation service. (Click here for more information on non-US transcripts.)

Official Test Scores of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

Three letters of recommendation

A personal statement outlining the student's rationale for pursuing graduate study and indicating a potential area(s) of research interest.


Submit Application Materials to:

College of Graduate Studies
MTSU Box 42
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Test Codes for Middle Tennessee State University:
INFS - 6ZR-KJ-37
MBA (Full-time) - 6ZR-KJ-25
MBA (Part-time) - 6ZR-KJ-52
GRE 1466
MAT 1751
Praxis 1466
TOEFL 1466