Master of Arts in Sociology

Program Director:

Brian Hinote

Graduate Analyst: Karissa Garrison


The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers the Master of Arts with a major in Sociology, as well as minors in Sociology and Gerontology at the graduate level.

Admission requirements

Deadline is April 1 for Fall, September 15 for Spring Admission.

Admission to the M.A. in Sociology program requires

  • an earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college;
  • an acceptable grade point average in all college work taken (generally at least a 2.75 GPA);
  • successful completion of at least 18 semester hours of undergraduate sociology courses, which includes the prerequisites of research methods (SOC 3040), statistics (SOC 3050), and sociological theory (SOC 3060) or their equivalents with a grade of C or better;
  • completion of the Graduate Record Exam with acceptable scores.

Conditional admission is possible, but not guaranteed, if

  • GRE score is less than acceptable,
  • prerequisites are missing or the grade is less than a C,
  • GPA is less than 2.75 (exception is dependent upon the strength of the other admission criteria)

Application Procedures

All application materials are to be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies.

Application deadline for the M.A. program is April 1 for Fall admission, September 15 for Spring admission.

 Applicant must

  1. submit application with appropriate fee (online at www.mtsu.edu/graduate/apply.php);
  2. submit official scores on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE); 
  3. submit official transcripts of all previous college work;
  4. submit letter of interest and goals;
  5. submit an example of written work; 
  6. submit three letters of recommendation.

Submit Application Materials to:

College of Graduate Studies
MTSU Box 42
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Test Codes for Middle Tennessee State University:
INFS - 6ZR-KJ-37
MBA (Full-time) - 6ZR-KJ-25
MBA (Part-time) - 6ZR-KJ-52
GRE 1466
MAT 1751
Praxis 1466
TOEFL 1466