Honors College

Visiting Artist

The 2015 Visiting Artist's Seminar:
Collaborative Process and Stop-Motion Animation

Tiny Circus (Carlos Ferguson and Katie In)

February 23-27, 2015 M T W R F
CRN: 14128
Dr. Claudia Barnett: 615-898-2287 or Claudia.Barnett@mtsu.edu 



 Tiny Circus



Tiny Circus and the students will work together on a community-based documentary animation project. During the week, collaborators will decide on a topic of inquiry and a community of interest, conduct interviews and gather audio, as well as plan and execute a visual exploration of the topic using stop-motion animation. The collaborators will use interviews as a way to approach a subject to learn new language and ideas.They will work towards an understanding and exploration of the differences between visual and auditory communication.

Tiny Circus facilitators will meet daily with participants and go from conceptualization to actualization of both audio and visual components of the animation as a group. Facilitators will bring participants through the entire process of creating a Tiny Circus animation: setting a tone for group discussions and collaborators, brainstorming, researching, storyboarding,learning relevant technology, and making decisions during editing. Throughout the process, facilitators will invite discussion about working collaboratively, bringing attention to the ways in which we communicate and work together towards shared objectives. The collaborators will create a final product that is meaningful to both the makers and the audience.

The Spring 2015 Visiting Artist's Seminar (UH 3200) will meet the week of February 23-27, every afternoon for one week, MTWRF (3:00-5:40). This class is open to students from all majors who have earned GPAs of 3.25 or higher. Registration is through Pipeline. (If you have a time conflict, please contact the other professor, get written permission to miss his or her class, and then forward that permission, along with your M# and your request to Ms. Kathy Davis, the Executive Aide in the University Honors College: Kathy.Davis@mtsu.edu.)

The Visiting Artist's Seminar (UH 3200), an interdisciplinary Honors course taught by a professional artist, has been offered eleven times so far, and has included such diverse topics as songwriting, filmmaking, papermaking, poetry writing, and performance art. While artists frequently visit campus to speak, the Visiting Artist's Seminar couples that inspirational experience with a hands-on component that lasts an entire week and requires intensive student participation. Students earn one credit hour, and grading is pass/fail.

Tiny Circus's visit to MTSU is made possible by the generosity of the Distinguished Lecturers Fund, the Virginia Peck Trust Fund, the Art Department, Electronic Media Communication, the University Honors College, and the English Department.

For more information, contact Dr. Claudia Barnett, Professor of English and Coordinator of the Visiting Artist's Seminar: claudia.barnett@mtsu.edu or 615-898-2887.