Welcome to the Undergraduate Fellowships Office

Steps in Obtaining a National Scholarship

  1. Learn more about national scholarships by reviewing these links:
    1. All possible scholarships
    2. Freshmen Scholarships
    3. Sophomore Scholarships
    4. Junior Scholarships
    5. Senior Scholarships
    6. Graduate Scholarships
  2. After reading about fellowship opportunities, complete the UFO interest form.
    1. Please drop this form off at the Honors Building, room 227 or put in campus mail to P.O. Box 267. You can also take the Truman Quiz here.
  3. Schedule a meeting with the Honors Coordinator by emailing laura.clippard@mtsu.edu. Please be aware that fellowship appointments may need to be scheduled around current Honors Advising deadlines. When emailing for an appointment, please list any specific scholarships that you are interested in.



Laura Clippard 

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