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Apply early.

The sooner you submit the admission application, fee, and required documents, the sooner we can notify you about your admission status. Freshman applicants can apply as early as the beginning of their senior year and many will receive tentative acceptance based on their grades through the end of their junior year. Transfer applicants can apply the semester before they intend to transfer, with tentative acceptance decisions being made based on grades through the previous semester.
Plan ahead and follow through to make sure all of your documents arrive in a timely manner; it makes the process much easier for YOU as well as for us. (The Financial Aid and Housing Offices would also encourage you to submit their applications as early as possible!)

Read the directions.

First, read the admission requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog and the instructions that are included on the Admission Application. Second, refer to the schedule of classes for that semester. In particular, read the introductory information which includes how to register, when to register, how and when to pay your bill, and much more. A little reading will answer a lot of your questions!

Fill out the necessary paperwork.

We can't tell you if you're admitted or not without having your completed application, any necessary test scores, and official copies of your transcript(s). Likewise, we won't guess about your residency status if you haven't submitted a residency application and supporting documents. Additionally, the financial aid office will not tell you how much aid you will be eligible for if you have not provided the appropriate paperwork.

Don't be afraid to ask questions!

University faculty and staff are here to assist you. If you've read the directions but still aren't clear on how something works, call the office that handles that area and ask for clarification. MTSU is a large campus, so be prepared that not every staff member can answer every question, especially when it's a question about an activity managed by another office. If you're not sure who to ask, try calling the campus switchboard (615-898-2300) for the number of the appropriate office. Your facultyadvisor will also be an important source of information so get to know him or her.


Admission FAQs

How do I apply for admissions?

First, submit the Undergraduate Application for Admission along with the application fee. Second, using the instructions displayed on the application for each type of student, request that any necessary transcripts and test scores be submitted to the Admissions Office. Instructions are available online for freshmen, transfers, and other applicant categories. We recommend that you send in the application first, before the transcripts and the test scores, so that we can create your admission file and match all other documents to the application.

When do I apply for admission?

We recommend that students apply as early as possible, and no later than July 1 for fall admission.  For spring term admission, we recommend that students apply no later than December 15.

Freshman applicants are encouraged to apply during their senior year in high school and to submit their transcript as it stands at the point of application for admission. Transfer applicants can apply during their last semester at the current college and request that their transcript be sent to us at that time showing grades earned through the previous semester.

I previously applied, but never enrolled in classes at MTSU. Do I need to reapply?

If you previously applied to MTSU, but did not actually enroll in classes, please contact the Admissions Office at 615.898.2233. We will update your application with any new information and reactivate your account. You will not be required to pay the undergraduate application fee again.

What are the requirements for admission?

Please see our online documentation for freshmen, transfers, re-enrolling students, and other types of students. If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Office for assistance from one of our counselors.

I can't check my admission status in PipelineMT. What do I do next?

Only students who have final acceptance can access their admissions information PipelineMT. Non-accepted students should contact the Admissions Office for assistance from one of our counselors.

What is an "official" transcript?

It's an unpleasant fact of life that admissions offices sometimes receive transcripts which have been forged or altered. For that reason, MTSU, like most other universities, requires official copies of transcripts and other documents. By "official" we mean that the transcript was submitted directly from the sending institution to the Admissions Office under that school's sign or seal. Transcripts which have been issued to the student or another third party cannot be considered official.

I've been denied admission, but I really want to attend MTSU. What do I do next?

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the admission standards used to evaluate your application. The freshman and transfer requirements are available online. If you do not understand why your application was denied, you can call the Admissions Office and speak to one of the admission counselors. If an application does not meet our admission standards, we ask the applicant to complete a personal statement form to give us more information about the applicant's academic, extracurricular, and work histories. The personal statement is your opportunity to tell the Admissions Review Board about any factors which should be considered in addition to your formal academic record when reviewing your application. The decision of the Admissions Review Board is final, but it is possible for an applicant who has been denied to re-apply at a later time after making some improvements academically.

If you applied as a freshman and are still in high school, you can consider retaking the ACT or SAT to meet our requirements. Depending on timing and your academic history, you may have time to raise your high school GPA to meet our requirements before the priority deadline. 

If you have been denied admission as a transfer applicant, we recommend that you return to your current college or to a community college and work on raising your grade point average. Showing improvement in the next semester will be a positive factor in reviewing your application the next time. One of the best ways to raise your GPA is to re-take classes which you previously failed -- by repeating the class and passing it, the new grade replaces the failing grade when your GPA is calculated. Consult your current college's catalog or handbook for information on repeating courses.

How do you evaluate my transfer credit from previous schools?

The Admissions Office does the initial review of your transcripts and will send you an email with instructions to view your "Transfer Evaluation" on Pipeline showing each of your courses and their equivalent MTSU courses. Our academic departments assist us in determining whether another school's course is equivalent to one at MTSU.

Your transcripts will not be evaluated until your application and all supporting documents are received, so it is to your advantage to act early in getting all colleges you have attended to send us official transcripts. 

Your advisor will help you map out your degree plan and determine which classes you still need to take.

Can I get credit for AP, CLEP, or other tests I have taken?

Yes, provided that the particular test is one that we accept and your score meets or exceeds our requirements. A complete list of accepted tests and required scores is available in the MTSU Undergraduate Catalog.

How do I get credit for my military experience?

Middle Tennessee State University awards military credit two ways:

Submit a DD214 indicating time served and honorable discharge. This may give a student up to 8 elective credits. Students who have not separated from military service may submit their most recent LES statement instead of the DD214.

Submit a Joint Services Transcript (JST). Students who submit a JST are eligible for up to 52 elective credits.

Students who attended the Community College of the Air Force are required to submit an official copy of their CCAF transcript.


Residency FAQs

I have been charged out-of-state fees, but I live in Tennessee. What do I do?

The Admissions Office is charged with classifying new undergraduate students as in-state or out-of-state for fee-paying purposes, according to the guidelines established by the state legislature and the MTSU Board of Trustees. If there is any reason to question your status as a permanent resident of Tennessee, we will classify you out-of-state until we receive a completed in-state classification application and supporting documents. You can obtain a copy of the in-state classification application online or by calling the Admissions Office. The in-state classification application should be filed with the Admissions Office at least 10 days in advance of the fee payment deadline so that we will have time to process it before your fees are due.

My residency application was denied. Can I appeal that decision?

Yes, you can contact the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership at (615) 898-5812 to schedule an appeal before the In-State Classification Appeals Committee. Students appealing their residency decision have the option of meeting in person with the committee to explain their situation. You cannot contact the Appeals Committee until after your in-state classification application has been denied by the Admissions Office.

Does MTSU participate in Academic Common Market?

MTSU participates in Academic Common Market, a program that enables students to pursue out-of-state college degrees at discounted tuition rates through agreements among the states and colleges and universities. Click here to find out what programs are available through the Academic Common Market at MTSU. To learn more about the Academic Common Market program, please visit

How can I find out more details about establishing residency in Tennessee for in-state tuition?

If you have any questions about your residency status or want more information on how to establish residency in Tennessee, please visit or contact the MT One Stop at 615.898.2111 or


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