Transient (Visiting) Students

A student enrolled at another institution who intends to visit MTSU for one semester’s worth of coursework with intentions of transferring back to their home institution.

To meet Guaranteed Admission requirements, transient students must currently have a 2.0 or higher overall GPA. 

Applicants who do not meet the standards above, but who wish to be considered for admission to MTSU can fill out a personal statement form for consideration by the Admissions Review Board.

How to apply

To be considered for admission, transient students must:

  1. Complete the application for admission and pay the $25 application fee. Students who have previously applied and paid the application fee do not need to submit a second application fee. These students need to contact the Undergraduate Admissions office to update their application. Students should select the Bachelor Degree Transfer application and indicate that their planned course of study is “Non-Degree Undergraduate” as a Transient student.
  2. Send official transcript from home institution to MTSU Office of Admissions, 1301 East Main Street, SSAC 120,Murfreesboro, TN 37132.
    1. Registration at MTSU includes pre-requisite checking which may require validation of course completion. The submission of a college transcript provides proof of successful completion of pre-requisite course(s) so any course completed prior to current college(s) may need a transcript to be provided as well for registration. 
    2. Send Personal Statement if applicable

It will take 2-3 weeks from the date the last piece of documentation is received for a decision to be made on the student's file. 

Make sure you complete the Transiet Student Checklist to complete the enrollment process!


Students should check with their home institution to confirm transfer of credits.

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