Student Timesheet Instructions

General Instructions

  • Return time sheets to the Payroll Office located in the Sam H. Ingram Building, room 204, by the due date printed on the upper right hand corner of the time sheet.
  • Time sheets submitted after the due date will not be processed until the following month.
  • Computer-generated time sheets are color coded by job code. Please arrange timesheets in alphabetical order by color before sending them to the Payroll Office.
  • Time sheets must have original signatures. Faxes and copies of timesheets are not accepted.
  • Folded or torn time sheets will not be accepted. The scanner will reject them.
  • Destroy time sheets for students who have not worked during the pay period.
  • Do not make changes to the preprinted information on computer-generated time sheets. Fill out a manual time sheet with the correct information.
  • Do not write on or near the black squares in the left margin.
  • Use the bottom half of the time sheet for premium-rate overtime hours.
  • Use a #2 pencil (do not use ink) to blacken circles, make no stray marks on the front or back, fill each circle completely, and erase cleanly.
  • Use this schedule for determining tenths of hours:
    • 0.1 hour = 1-6 minutes
    • 0.2 hour = 7-12 minutes
    • 0.3 hour = 13-18 minutes
    • 0.4 hour = 19-24 minutes
    • 0.5 hour = 25-30 minutes
    • 0.6 hour = 31-36 minutes
    • 0.7 hour = 37-42 minutes
    • 0.8 hour = 43-48 minutes
    • 0.9 hour = 49-54 minutes
    • 1.0 hour = 55-60 minutes
  • Paydays are scheduled for the last day of each month. Hours worked by an employee in a pay period are paid at the end of the month.

Computer-Generated Time Sheets

  • Time sheets are printed at the start of each monthly pay period for all employees setup in the Banner Human Resource System. Use computer-generated time sheets when possible. Time sheets are mailed out from the Financial Aid Department.
  • Write the number of hours worked each day in the space provided. Add the daily hours worked in a week and write the total in the weekly total column.
  • At the end of the time-reporting period, add the weekly totals to get the total regular hours this pay period. Write the total regular hours worked in the two spaces provided, using tenths of hours.
  • Blacken the circles for the total hours. After the total hours have been blackened and written in, the employee must sign the time sheet.
  • The departmental timekeeper is to proof time sheets for mathematical accuracy and to assure the time sheets have an authorizing signature and no stray marks.

Manual Time Sheets

The MTSU Manual Time Sheet for Student and Hourly Employees will need to be used by a new employee for the first pay period. A pre-printed time sheet should be sent for the employee to use for the second month of employment.

In order to process a manual time sheet the following information must be completed:

  • Pay period date - Write the first and last day of the pay period across the top of the time sheet (ex. Aug. 16 - Sept. 15, Sept. 16 - Oct. 15, Oct. 16 - Nov. 15).
  • Timekeeping Location - This is the Banner 5 digit number for your department.
  • Department Name
  • Employee Name - Name per social security card with last name first.
  • Identification Number - If you know their "M" number write it in the boxes and bubble, if you don't know their "M" number write the last 4 digits of their SSN by their name ( do not write the SSN in the ID field).
  • Position Number - The same number you used on the PEF/PAF/MAF to set-up the employee.
  • Suffix Number - The suffix will be 00 unless you have set-up different rates of pay for the employee using the same position number.
  • Rate of Pay - The per hour pay rate.
  • Hours worked - Write the days of the month (starting with the 16th and ending with the 15th) in the appropriate columns. Be sure hours are completed, totaled and bubbled correctly.
  • Signatures

If a time sheet is received without this information, it will be sent back to the department for correction and this may cause the student not to be paid.

If you are not sure about what information to use, please call:

  • Alicia Haynes, 898-2382
  • Karen Burks, 898-2186
  • Susan England, 898-5791