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Fashion is often described as the current style that is followed by a large number of people at any one time. Fashion has become an important part of every aspect of our lives, from the design of our clothing to our color-coordinated kitchens.

The fashion industry deals with the design, production, marketing and distribution of clothing and accessories for children, adults, and for areas of the home. It is a multibillion dollar industry which offers a dazzling array of products in every price range. It employs hundreds of thousands of people and needs the talents of creative, fashion-minded men and women who have the necessary training.

The Textiles, Merchandising, and Design curriculum at Middle Tennessee State University is designed to give students in-depth knowledge and skills necessary for a variety of professional careers in the fashion industry. A major in Textiles, Merchandising, and Design with an emphasis in fashion merchandising may lead to employment in areas of retailing, visual merchandising, promotion, wholesaling, or consulting. The demand for graduates with such skills continues to grow. A USDA report indicates that there is a large unmet demand for professionals in the fashion business in the USA and that this demand will escalate during the coming years. Students selecting the apparel design emphasis may be employed in some of the same areas or may have careers as fashion designers or patternmakers with apparel manufacturers. The apparel design emphasis is a result of routine requests from potential employers as well as requests from current and potential students. Since relatively few design programs exist in the Southeast where many apparel manufacturers have moved in the last few years, the Department of Human Sciences at MTSU added the design emphasis to take advantage of this potential market.

The fashion business is one of the largest and most vital industries in the U.S. today. This relatively young world of merchandising and design is expanding rapidly; each day many new job opportunities become available to the person with enthusiasm, dependability, and the specialized training for executive responsibility.


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Textiles, Merchandising & Design

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