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MTSU International Faculty Development Grant

Grant applications are reviewed by the Vice Provost for International Affairs (VPIA). Budget requests may not be fully funded.

Please use the following form: International Faculty Development Grant

Option 1: This is seed funding for faculty members to develop new international opportunities for students. This is designed to create new education abroad opportunities through international travel or participation in faculty development opportunities, such as CIEE international faculty development seminars (, which help faculty develop new international components in an existing course or develop a new course. Faculty will submit a post-activity report to the VPIA within 45 days of the end of the activity and a new study abroad program proposal within 90 days of the end of the activity. Upon approval, faculty members will be expected to lead the program abroad at least twice within four years.

Option 2: The purpose is to bring greater internationalization to courses in the General Education curriculum and into core courses in academic majors. This can be achieved through various types of activities in which faculty are taught how to bring international content into courses. For example: workshops, professional conferences, university visits, webinars, etc. Faculty will submit a revised syllabus within 45 days of the end of the activity and, if approved, will be expected to teach the course at least twice within three years. Faculty can receive funding for reassigned time during the semester a course is being revised and/or program developed.

Faculty members should submit all materials to:

International Affairs, Peck Hall 216, Box 120


1. Complete Application Package (If applicable, include: detailed itinerary, informative brochure of the proposed conference, seminars, workshop etc.)

2. Quality of narrative submitted by the faculty member.

3. Quality of the letter of support from dean and department chair.

4 . Preference will be given to those who demonstrate matching funds/support (either internal or external).

5. Grant recipients must submit a completed Travel Authorization form 30 days before travel.

6. In order to receive any reimbursable expenses a Travel Expenses Claim form must be submitted after the activity.

The travel claim requires ORIGINAL RECEIPTS for all expenses. All documentation of the activity must be submitted with the travel claim upon completion of travel before funds will be dispersed. Claims for reimbursement for travel expenses should be submitted no later than thirty (30) days after completion of the travel.

7. Approval must be obtained prior to travel. Approval will not be granted after travel is completed.

8. Budget requests may not be fully funded.

International Affairs, Peck Hall 216

Phone: (615) 904-8190

Campus Mail: Box 120