Information Technology Division

Major Services and Operations

Each ITD area provides consulting and technical support to MTSU computer users.

Whether you are contemplating a purchase; having trouble with hardware, software, or MTSU's central computing systems; or planning multimedia presentations or statistical projects, there is someone at ITD to help.

We can offer advice in these areas:

  • Administrative / Academic Computing Systems
    • central computing systems, academic software, statistical software...
  • Hardware and Software
    • desktop/microcomputers, purchasing, repair...
  • Software
    • programming languages, application packages on the HP-UNIX "frank" academic server...
  • Master Classroom Equipment
    • computers and audio/visual equipment, training...
  • Instructional Technology
    • development of web-enhanced/web-based courses, multimedia presentations...
  • Telecommunications
    • services, equipment, facilities...
  • Statistical Projects
    • software recommendation, installation, programming...
  • Web Tools
    • how-to, maintain, develop content, design, publish, usability...

Computer Applications/Systems

Hardware and software (microcomputers)

Academic software services

Master classroom equipment

  • The computers and audio/visual equipment of the master classrooms are maintained by Microcomputer and Master Classroom Support. Staff from this area also provide orientation and training on using the master classroom equipment.

Instructional technology

Telecommunications needs

  • Contact Telecommunications for assistance with telecommunication services, equipment, and facilities.

Statistical projects

Web tools