Information Technology Division

Services for Faculty and Staff

Information Technology Division Services :: No Charge

Computer Accounts

  • e-mail and web space
  • class accounts
  • administrative computer system accounts

Consulting Services

ITD provides consultation on the following:

  • usage of all supported desktop and host-based software (refer to the Level of Service policy)
  • usage of administrative application systems (i.e. Banner Student, Banner Finance, Banner HR, Banner Advancement, Resources, etc.)
  • selection of hardware and software for departmental and master classroom usage
  • guidance and interpretation of University computing policies
  • development of web-enhanced/web-based courses, multimedia presentations, and instructional technology tools
  • design of departmental web sites
  • placement of network connections and
  • selection of communication equipment selection of telecommunication services to fit departmental needs

Data Services

  • uploads and downloads
  • transfer of files across the network
  • data input

Statistical Analysis Consulting

  • Assistance with design experiment & survey
  • Assistance with statistical methods used
  • Assistance with analysis and processing of data with SAS and SPSS

Faculty and Staff Computer and Projector Check-out

Help Desk Services

  • assistance with resolving day-to-day computing problems (hardware and software)

Instructional Technology Development

  • maintenance of course management software
  • assistance with scanning still images
  • assistance with digitizing audio and video media
  • assistance with converting analog audio/video media into a digital format
  • assistance with CD-ROM recording
  • full use of ITD/Faculty Instructional Technology Center

Master Classroom Support

  • instructions on use of equipment
  • set-up, repair, and maintenance


  • assistance with creating specifications
  • development of custom software
  • administrative application enhancements and modifications


The following publications are printed throughout the year to inform and assist with the use of available technology:

Test Scoring

  • optical scanning services for multiple choice tests and surveys


Workshops and Training

University Site Licensing Program

Many volume software licenses available for departmental purchases pricing determined by cost of license and/or the number of participants.

  • There is no charge from ITD for administering this service

Information Technology Division Services :: Charged


  • MTSU Departments - $0.012/sheet
  • MTSU Affiliates - $0.20/sheet
  • External groups/companies - $75 setup fee plus $4/sheet


  • External groups/companies - $75 setup fee plus $0.20/record

Copying of Reports/Files

  • Ad hoc reports/files copied to diskettes - $5 for first diskette plus $1 for each additional diskette

Telecommunication Services