Autoresponder Setup

Starting and Stopping Automatic Reply

Also referred to as "vacation" mail, Automatic Reply responds to incoming messages with a customized reply. Automatic Reply continues to respond to your incoming mail until you specifically turn it off. The customized reply is sent only to messages addressed directly to you on either the To or Cc lines; messages sent through distribution lists or sent to you on the Bcc line are not replied to. You can only use automatic reply if this feature is enabled on your e-mail server. If theAutomatic Reply link does not display, your e-mail server is not enabled with this feature.

Note: An automatic reply message is sent only once during the specified reply interval; the default interval is seven days. See your system administrator for information on the interval specified for your system.

To specify a message and start automatic reply:

  1. From the Options page, click Automatic Reply.
    Result: The Options: Automatic Reply page displays.
  2. Enter the data for the following options:
    1. Subject: Text for the Subject line of your reply; for example, Away from my mail until March 5.
    2. Message: Text for the message body of the reply; for example, Please direct urgent issues to Joe User.
    3. Message Charset: The character set for your reply. This selection overrides the character set specified by your preferences, if different.
  3. Click Start
    Result: Automatic reply is enabled and your custom reply is sent in response to incoming mail, until you stop it (see below). All messages sent to you directly on the To or  Cc lines receive your reply.
    Click Reset to clear the message fields and start over.

To stop automatic reply:

  1. Click Automatic Reply.
    Result: The Options: Automatic Reply page displays.
  2. Click Stop.
    Result: Your custom automatic reply message is canceled.