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Information Technology Division


Pico is an easy-to-use, full-screen editor available on the academic system. To start pico, open a telnet session and issue the following command:

frank $ pico filename

Basic Pico commands and descriptions:

Pico Command What It Does
Ctrl-G Help
Ctrl-A Move to the beginning of the current line
Ctrl-E Move to the end of the current line
Ctrl-V Move forward one page
Ctrl-Y Move backward one page
Ctrl-W Search for a test string
Ctrl-L Refresh the screen
Ctrl-6 Mark the beginning position to select text
Ctrl-K Cut selected text (if no text selected, the current line will be cut)
Ctrl-U Paste the last cut
Ctrl-R Insert an external file at the current cursor position
Ctrl-O Save current buffer to a file
Ctrl-T Check spelling
Ctrl-X Exit pico, saving buffer